Willpower doesn't work. But habits do.

Stop repeatedly starting and stopping exercise. Make exercise a habit instead. Start your first mini habit on Monday . Just 2 reps a day, 5 days a week!

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Start small with less than 5 minutes a day. Then build up to 15, 30, or more.

  • I now do exercise in some form several times each week, without having to push myself.
    - Steve S., Entrepreneur

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We first focus on building the HABIT. Once the 5-minute habit is effortless and happens as easily as you brush your teeth in the morning, then we SCALE. And that's how we go from 5 minutes, to 15, 30 and beyond, WITHOUT risking doing too much and causing overwhelm.

Make Exercise a daily habit.

  • I'm not tired, I'm not bored, and I want more!
    - Aida G., Business Coach

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Should you exercise in the morning or at night? What happens if you go on business travel? Learn exactly how to create a bulletproof routine that works for YOU. Not for your mother, your friend, or colleague. But for YOU, your life, and your needs.

Stop sabotaging yourself.

  • I no longer want to skip exercise!
    - Loukia G., Engineer

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You skip a workout and feel like a loser. You worry about when results will come. All these thoughts only make you more likely to quit exercise. We'll teach you specific tools so that you turn your mind from an enemy to your biggest supporter.

Don't do it because you hate your body.
Do it because you love your body.

  • I no longer shame myself because of my size.
    - Krista B., Teacher

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