In A Dilemma?

Should you take that path, or not?

Ever been in a dilemma?

You know a situation where you just can’t pick an option? It usually goes like this:

What should I do? Should I pick this path or that path? Study this subject or that subject? Should I marry this person, or not? Should I sell the house, or wait till later? Maybe I should buy that stock? Should I stay or should I go?

One of the most powerless situations is being indecisive, feeling unable to make a decision, not knowing whether it’ll be better to move forward, or go backwards instead.

I’m just out of a big dilemma myself. I used to be super-stuck, but I’m now finding my way back into the light, yay!

And that’s why I’m writing my 3d book, on making decisions!¬†I’m trying to uncover a framework to help me make decisions faster and with confidence.

Yes, I’m not doing this because I’m selfless. Contrary, my motives are 100% selfish. I was buried in indecision for about a month and I just had to find a way out! I wanted to make a decision with confidence (more about this dilemma¬†coming soon.)

There’s nothing better than feeling you’ve made the right choice, whether that is your career path or whether that’s about your love life! Oh, the excitement of the new path in front of you!

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THIS workout program, you’d feel bummed if you couldn’t do again

The best home workout program. The one you’d gladly do again and again, and the one that you’d feel BUMMED if you could not do it again. What would it be?

best home workout program
My smile after I discovered this one workout!

I went on a quest to find the best home workout program for myself.

The problem?

I was exercising 5 times a week but my body and fitness level would not really changing. I was giving in too much, but getting back too little.Read More

THESE results after 3 months of exercising…less?

Drop the scale. This is how you measure weight loss progress accurately.
Those jeans could hardly button. 3 months later they don’t just button – I can easily fit 2 arms in them!

Most people measure their progress by using the number on the scale. However, here at Fitness Reloaded, and in Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes, this can be a very misleading metric. The scale is not to be trusted for tracking weight loss progress.Read More