What should I do with my life? Step #4 will give you the final answer.

What should I do with my life
Dr. Tracy Thomas gives a 5-step framework to find clarity and give an answer to life’s biggest dilemmas!

 What should I do with my life?

Oh, how I have agonized about life decisions. I’ve gotten sick because I couldn’t make up my mind and was afraid of making “the wrong” decision. Here’s just a handful of them:

  • 18-year-old Maria: Should I study biology or should I go into engineering? What career should I pick?
  • 23-year old Maria: Should I go to Stanford or MIT?
  • 25-year old Maria: Am I ready to get married?

But fret no longer. In this episode I got Dr. Tracy Thomas with me.

She’s a psychologist who helps leaders get to the next level, and she will give us the exact 4-step framework to follow to make our biggest decisions with confidence (and she has prepared two free gift for just for you Fitness Reloaded readers, here).

As Dr. Tracy said:

Tweet: “If it’s not a “yes” then it’s a “no”.” via @FitnessReloaded at http://ctt.ec/xoBcV+

But if everything is a “no”, then how do you get to “yes”?

Boy, I wish I knew earlier what Tracy is teaching us in this interview. I completely agonized about choosing a career when I was 18. I agonized over it all over again in my 20s. It would have been so much easier if I had a framework that would help me choose with ease and feel confident in my decision.

Stop struggling with indecision. Dr. Tracy’s 4-step Framework will help you decide what to do with your life, in the next 20 minutes!

The best part is that this 4-step decision framework will be a guide for the rest of my life.

Right now, I already know I’ll use it in the future to answer “what should I do with my life”. Here’s more decisions future Maria will need to make:

  • 30-something Maria: Do I buy a house or not?
  • 30-something Maria: What school will my kids go to?
  • 30-80-something Maria: Do I expand X business to this direction or that direction?
  • 90-120-something Maria: Where do I spend my old age?

Yes, I do plan to grow old. Really old. But that’s not our point today.

Our plan is to help you find clarity so that it’s easy to make a life decision, no matter how big.

But…Wait! What about day-to-day decisions?

In this interview you’re not only going to learn what to do with your life, and how to make BIG decisions. We also cover smaller decisions. Yes, there’s a different 4-step decision framework that can get you out of sticky situations like:

  • I got two job offers. Weighing the pros and cons doesn’t really help. How do I choose?
  • I am at a restaurant. I don’t know if I want beef or vegetarian. Help!
  • What do I do this afternoon? Grocery shopping or completing that project? Or, maybe I should go to the gym? How do I prioritize?

During our interview Dr. Tracy revealed that small decisions can actually hurt us more than the big ones, just because they are so common!

We constantly have to make decisions about our day-to-day, a process exhausting for our brain. For the geeks out there, this is called “cognitive load”. It exhausts your willpower like crazy. Yup, decisions can make you feel tired, really tired, just like that.

It doesn’t matter if the subject is not important. As long as you devote your precious brain resources to make a decision, then boom, you got fewer brain resources left out for you to use as willpower when you need it. No wonder you can’t get yourself to get off the couch and exercise. And yes, if you had read my book, then you’d already know about this. 😉

Now watch the interview, and then let me know: How can you apply each 4-step framework to your own life? Are you finished with the “what should I do with my life” bottleneck? You can reach me on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Oh, and then don’t neglect to check out the two decision-making gifts Dr. Tracy Thomas’ prepared for you. She’s awesome, isn’t she?

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