Truffle Lentils in Tomato Sauce: You Haven’t Had Lentils Like This Before! 

Are you constantly thinking of ways to incorporate fiber into your meals? Look no further! These truffle lentils with an Italian spin are like nothing you've tried before!

why can't i lose weight

‘Why Can’t I Lose Weight?’ The 9-Step Troubleshooting Guide. 

If you're busting your head thinking "why can't I lose weight?", then ditch the second-guessing and follow our 9-step guide to identify exactly what the problem issue is (hint: do NOT blame your hormones or metabolism before you follow the guide, alright?)

healthy baked oatmeal

Healthy Baked Oatmeal Recipe (High-Fiber) 

This (high-fiber) healthy baked oatmeal is my new breakfast favorite. A recipe with minimal prep time? Check. Ability to batch make them as part of meal prepping? Check. Count me in!

do first push-up

How A Daily Workout Helped Eva Do Her First Pushup at 65. 

At 65 Eva thought that she would never be able to do some stuff in fitness, like push-ups. She was wrong.

how to enjoy working out

The 5-min Program That Showed Liz How To Enjoy Working Out. 

Liz's past experiences with other workout programs left her feeling like exercise was a chore, and she would quit after a few weeks. Exercise Bliss actually helped her learn how to enjoy working out - with a routine she can stick to!

is coke zero sugar bad for you

Is Coke Zero Bad For You? Coke Zero Sugar vs. Diet Coke. 

I invited a registered dietitian to explain the differences between Coke Zero Sugar, Diet Coke, and regular Coke. She ultimately answers the question - is Coke Zero bad for you? Does it make you fat or cause stroke?