hidden costs of exercise

Episode 46: The hidden costs of exercise that eat up your time. 

How much time does working out really take? You may work out for one hour. However, the process of working out is not just one hour...Why? Let's assume that you go to the gym. In that case you need time to: Pick what you are going to wear and get dressed! Get to the gym […]

Stretch at the airport

Episode 32: 7 travel stretches to do when flying! 

Hello Everyone! It's traveling week here at Fitness Reloaded and as promised I am following up with another awesome video, but with stretches that you can do at the airport or at the airplane this time! If  you have a long flight ahead of you and don't want to become stiff, then watch this video […]

Are your emotions fit? Healthy vs. unhealthy fear. 

Hello FR readers! Do you worry a lot? Feel paralyzed in front of decisions? Then maybe you need to do some "emotions workout"! Fear serves a great purpose: to make you take action against the cause of your fear. However, there are valid and invalid reasons to feel fearful. Moreover, even when there is a […]