Imagine losing all 30, 50, or 70 lbs, then retiring from weight loss!

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  • Imagine getting to a place where you can eat anything you want, guilt-free, without it negatively affecting your size, regardless of your age.
  • Imagine, being able to overeat during the holidays and not having to go through the familiar struggle of “gained weight in the holidays, now I need to go on a diet.”
  • Or exercising because you inherently crave it, not because you have to. Sounds impossible? Well this is exactly what we do at the Fitness Reloaded Habits Academy. 

With Calorie Investing we help women create a lifestyle that is so “weightproof” that it repels weight gain! No more:

  • relying on willpower
  • whipping yourself into shape
  • banning foods or limiting portion sizes

I’m well aware this sounds out of this world. And if I were to reveal to you that it only takes 15 min a day to get to that place of Weight Loss Freedom, you’ll likely think it’s too good to be true.

Only it is true. So let’s discover if it’s right for you.

Book a FREE 15-min Call

Book a call now to discuss your individual goals and discover if Calorie Investing is right for you — and if yes, I’d love to set you up with a free trial & welcome you to our Badass community! Our plans start from as little as $49.9/month. 

Who is Calorie Investing right for?

  • You’ve been trying to lose weight over and over with mediocre results
  • You don’t want to follow another meal plan but want to learn how to eat (flavorful meals) to get slim
  • You already realize that following another diet is not what you need, but focusing on your habits instead should be the goal.
  • You’re willing to put in at least 15 min a day (spread throughout the day, not necessarily in one chunk) to get to Weight Loss Freedom
  • You love the idea of finally eliminating weight loss from your to-do list and putting in your brain power into your career, family, or hobbies, rather than on policing what you ate or worrying about your size

Who is Calorie Investing not right for?

  • People who don’t want to put in 15 min a day to work on their habits
  • People who want to follow a diet rather than redesign their lifestyle
  • People who don’t want to have to design about their “weightproof” lifestyle but would prefer to follow a template to lose some weight
  • People who don’t care about Weight Loss Freedom but only care about losing weight
  • People who are just “curious”, thrive on consuming weight loss information, but don’t actually plan to take action

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