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No more meal plans! Announcing the end of weight regain:
Unlike other weight loss programs that address weight superficially…
…by forcing you to follow an unnatural, depriving meal plan or exercise plan, we don’t just address the weight, Fitness Reloaded is the only program that also addresses the root of the issue: the contributing habits and behaviors and the underlying thoughts that drive it.

Most weight loss companies give you some sort of restrictive meal plan that tells you what you should be eating on a daily basis, then leave it up to you to change your life, deprive yourself, and adhere to the meal plan prescribed. And when you eat something that was “off plan”? Then you feel guilty and often have the urge to eat even more.

At Fitness Reloaded we don’t do meal plans. We lose weight by addressing the root of the problem – the (fattening) habits and negative underlying thoughts.

In this course, we’ll address how to set goals the Fitness Reloaded way. Our Goal? To achieve Badassery – whatever that means for you. Let’s get started.

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