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You’ve forced yourself to exercise a million times. Now try something different.

Imagine exercising because it makes you feel good, not because you “should.” Imagine exercising daily for the rest of your life and actually liking it! Our Exercise Bliss Method will help you stop hating exercise. Start your first mini habit this Monday. Just 2 reps a day, 5 days a week!



  • I no longer want to skip exercise!
    – Loukia G., Engineer

  • I now do exercise in some form several times each week, without having to push myself.
    – Steve S., Entrepreneur

Millions of people have repeatedly tried to stick to exercise.

They have fitness DVDs on their shelves, dusty treadmills across the TV, or a yoga class pack that just expired. They feel terrible for it. The “go big or go home” approach has failed them.

Exercise Bliss is an 8-week online habits course/exercise program that helps people with a history of starting and stopping exercise make daily exercise a habit that they cherish. No more forcing yourself to get off the couch and do it. You’ll happily do it. Imagine that!

No grueling workouts.
Start with less than 5 minutes a day.

Who hasn’t tried to work out for at least 30 minutes a day? Millions of people have, and millions of people have given up after their first month or two.

With Exercise Bliss we focus on the habit first. Get that down in just 5 minutes down, and then build up to 20, 30, or more without risking doing too much too soon and going back to square one.

No fads.
This is based on brain science.

What really sets the Exercise Bliss Method is its intense focus on incentivizing your brain to wire the habit of exercise.

And once exercise becomes a habit a magic thing happens: You no longer you need to debate with yourself to do it, you just do it. You no longer have to worry about your schedule, exercise is just something you do daily.

Just like you automatically put your seatbelt on when you get in the car, you’ll automatically do your daily exercise because that’s what you do.

No more suffering.
It’s prohibited!

Ditch willpower. Ditch trying harder next time. Contrary to what conventional wisdom dictates, you don’t need to try harder. You’ve tried hard enough.The average obese person has tried 18 times to lose weight, did you know that? If that’s not hard work, then what is?

And for most people, it’s work that does not build healthy habits but rather tells their brain to never do that thing again that causes so much suffering.

And that’s why Exercise Bliss is different. Suffering is not just discouraged, it’s prohibited!

  • I no longer shame myself because of my size.
    – Krista B., Teacher

Ready to start exercising and never look back?

With the Mini Habit Week, I’ll guide you step by step to build your first mini habit, so that exercise will never again be a chore for you. Welcome to the world where the results you get, you actually get to keep!

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