If you want to lose weight healthily, without forcing yourself, I have a very special offer for you!
Meet the Exercise Bliss 8-Week Habit-Wiring Online Workout Program

Make exercise a habit in 5 min a day 5 days a week

No matter whether you want to do more cardio to lose weight, hit the gym regularly to get in shape, or just got for a daily walk for health, if you sign up for the Exercise Bliss workout program that starts next Monday:

  • No more exercising for a month or two and then giving up, losing all your results! Exercise will become a permanent habit.
  • No more pushing yourself to get off the couch. You’ll find it (ridiculously) easy to “just do it.”
  • No more buying home exercise equipment to use to hang your clothes on rather than exercise. You’ll be following through and loving it!
  • Become THAT person who can’t live with exercise so that you lose weight, get in shape, and live a long life
  • Start with just 2 reps a day then within 8 weeks build the habit up to 15-30 minutes 3 to 5 days a week!

Exercise Bliss will teach you the steps you need to take to REWIRE your brain so that you do not drag yourself to exercise but instead WANT to do it.

Join by Sunday to take part in next Monday’s class

If you want results that last -- no aches and pains, more confidence, feeling light on your feet -- then you need to form the HABIT of exercise

You don't need more discipline to get in shape. You don't even need motivation! You need to know HOW to get your brain to WIRE the habit of exercise, so you get started and NEVER want to stop!

Here's why Exercise Bliss is UNLIKE any other workout program you've tried before

No Grueling Workouts


we start with 5 min a day

No grueling 30-day bootcamps, no 45 min intense cardio sessions. We start gently with less than 5 min of exercise a day, then build that up. All you need is a mat!

no more exercising to burn calories

We don’t count calories burned in Exercise Bliss. Instead you’ll now exercise with the intention to take better care of yourself, so that you have more energy, get stronger, feel lighter on your feet, and live a long, health life. 

exercise as self-care

Favorite Workout: What’s your favorite exercise? That’s what you’ll do here for the next 5 min.

No Forcing yourself

healthy morning routines - first thing you do in the morning

become the person who craves exercise

Exercise Bliss is s habit-wiring exercise program. When you follow the system your brain will be creating the exercise habit and turning YOU into a natural with exercise. Imagine…waking up in the morning and craving exercise!

get results that last

When you make exercise a habit then exercise becomes your go-to. In fact, you’d feel like something’s wrong if you were NOT to do it. That’s how you’ll be consistent, for months and years, getting in better and better shape with time!

No losing progress

If instead of making yourself do impossible workouts, you were to learn the building blocks of a STICKY habit, then you'd become the person who CRAVES that habit. In Exercise Bliss I show you hot form a small, gentle, exercise habit, then following our methodology you'll learn how to SCALE this habit into full-blown workouts WITHOUT running the risk of quitting and WHILE wanting to do more.

What They're Saying
I -- jump -- out of bed actually looking forward to exercise!
This is the exact stuff I learned in psychology school but I never actually applied it until Exercise Bliss!
I did my first full pushup without my knees on the floor at age 65!

The problem with home treadmills, gym memberships & exercise DVDs.

You may buy a treadmill, enroll at a gym, or get the fanciest workout DVD. But here’s the problem that will inevitably come up if you haven’t already made exercise a habit:

The DVD doesn’t tell YOU how to include it in your life.

It doesn’t tell you when it’ll be best for you to follow the workout. It doesn’t tell you what to do if you planned to work out this evening, but, hmm, life happened.

Instead the burden of including exercise in your life and following through, is all up to YOU.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In Exercise Bliss, we give you step-by-step, expert guidance on how to make exercise a habit. You don’t have to figure it out – you only need to follow our instructions!

Even if you work out…How do you know if your brain is actually wiring the exercise habit or not?

I mean there are people who may exercise for 6 months, yet they give up. They didn’t make exercise a habit.

Others though wire the habit in a few weeks. They get started and never look back.

So why is one person’s brain busy wiring that habit, while the other one’s, even though she’s been exercising for 6 months, is still resisting?

You’ll learn what to do to make sure your brain is busy wiring that habit in the Exercise Bliss Habit Recipe.

Now let’s move on. What happens after you workout? Do you get dressed, go to the shower, eat breakfast? How exactly does working out fit in your morning routine?

Finally, do you start with 5 minutes a day 5 days a week, or will start slower, e.g., twice a week? What are the benefits of each decision?

If 5 minutes a day can be that complicated, no wonder so many of us have trouble sticking to exercise! But the good news is there’s a solution – the Exercise Bliss Habit Recipe.


Exercise Bliss: Get In Shape, Then Keep On Being In Shape Till Your 90s (and beyond!)

Exercise Bliss is an 8-week habit-wiring workout program that shows on and off exercisers how to start with a 5 minute daily habit and turn that into 15 minutes and beyond.

You don't need more discipline to get in shape. You don't even need motivation! You need to know HOW to get your brain to WIRE the habit of exercise, so you get started and NEVER want to stop!

Here's What You Get

Get started

modified push-ups

The habit recipe

We’ll start out by showing you how to put a habit together with the “Habit Recipe.” In fact, we start practicing how to create a habit with a habit that is as small as 2 reps a day (i.e., 2 squats or pushups!) While doing two pushups might sound extremely simple, in reality, it’s complicated:

Here’s why your brain finds it HARD to wire the exercise habit

When will you do it? When you wake up? When you come home from work?

And if you choose to do it when you wake up, do you mean right after you get out of bed, or say, after brush your teeth in the bathroom?

Also – what will you do? Will you do the same workout every day? A different one? What’s the best sequence?

Will your workout be on a piece of paper, will it be a video, and how does this change your habit? E.g., if it’s a video you may need your smartphone or tablet next to your bed so you can exercise right after you get out of bed.

But wait, will you wear workout clothes or do it in your normal outfit?

If you choose workout clothes you’ll need to either sleep in them, or wake up, get up, change clothes, and then work out.

So maybe you need your smartphone or tablet next to your closet instead of next to your bed.

I mean, imagine if you have to look for your smartphone, instead of just grabbing it from the top of your drawer and getting started. It’s a busy morning you need to get exercise done, you have no time to waste on “where’s my phone?” That’s why preparation is crucial.

Using The Habit Recipe, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the best days and times that work for you.
  • Take all the necessary steps beforehand so that you make exercising a no-brainer.
  • Choose a simple behavior to prompt your brain to wire the exercise habit and – btw – enjoy exercise more.
  • Identify your Plan B. Skipping workouts is not exactly allowed in Exercise Bliss. Hence you’ll have your own back-up plan, just in case things go awry. We’d never risk skipping workouts and letting your exercise momentum go down.

start with 5 min workouts 3 to 5 days a week

In Exercise Bliss you get to imagine what your idea exercise habit looks like. How many times a week do you want to exercise? 3, 4, 5? Each week you’ll be getting new 5-min bodyweight workouts. You’ll be tightening your body, while building the habit of exercise – all without risking overwhelm or intimidation.

Month 1

Favorite Workout: What’s your favorite exercise? That’s what you’ll do here for the next 5 min.

Month 1 Workouts

month 2

scale your daily habit from 5 min to 15 min and beyond!

Now that you got your weekly frequency down, it’s time to both increase the intensity and the duration.
You’ll find out that once you’re used to 5 minutes, going to 10, or 15 minutes is not a big deal. Plus, the workouts in this segment are no longer beginner level. Intensity goes up, and you’re getting stronger, leaner, healthier, happier!

Month 2 Workouts

check in weekly

Exercise Bliss is designed to help even exercise haters with following through. Not only is our program engineered to “light up” your brain so it gets busy making you WANT exercise (that’s “intrinsic motivation”), we also have “extrinsic motivation” through our Check In System. Come back to the website weekly to check in, by marking how many workouts you completed! 

follow through

The Journal

The 12-week exercise Bliss habit journal

Remember, you won’t simply get a list of workouts thrown at you. Let’s be honest — a shortage of workouts and workout options are not the reasons you don’t exercise. If you’ve ever bought a workout DVD or a treadmill or a gym membership, but couldn’t follow through, then you know this is not about knowing what type of exercise you should do.

You’ll use the Exercise Bliss Habit Journal to identify the best days and times that work for you. You’ll try different ways to integrate exercise into your life, and you’ll learn to identify what works for your individually vs. what doesn’t.

You’ll use the Journal to plan for each week, and then track what you did. Did you do what you said you’d do? If no, then why? You’ll learn from your experience and make a better plan the following week.

Since Exercise Bliss lasts 8 week, why 12 is the Journal good for 12 weeks? The reason is that we want to help transition after graduation. We want you to keep exercising, and once the program is over, we by no means want to risk your success.

That’s why the Journal is 4 weeks longer than the program, and that’s why E-mail guidance, the 2nd tool described below, lasts for 10 weeks. It’s all about a smooth transition.

What They're Saying
"It was all laid out for me, I could just do it!"
"I want to do MORE exercise!"
Business Coach
"My relationship with my body changed"
"I've never had anything work for me"
cathy hates exercise

And there's more!

No Excuses training

Reach more of your potential when you understand 5 biggest exercise myths & mistakes that keep women weak, unfit, and out of shape.
Break away from toxic thoughts with our BONUS Mindset reset video training and 
20+ page downloadable workbook. No more being weak, stiff, and out of shape!



We’re all different. Some of us find ab-work easy, while other have strong legs. No matter your current fitness level, I’ll be giving you modifications so that you know how to adjust the exercises to your own fitness level.

We’ll deeply address plank, squat, and push-up variations.



wall squat isometric exercises

extra credit workouts

This is a special section for those days when you will want to do MORE exercise. Yes, that is bound to happen, so when it does,I have additional Exercise Bliss workouts for you!



Compare Exercise Bliss To...

gym squat
Annual Gym Membership
Cost: $360-$2400

Joining a gym is great, but will you keep going after the first few months?

fit shaming
Personal Trainer
Cost: $360-$2400

Personal training is great, but will you keep hitting the gym after you stop working with your trainer?

Tips for Treadmill Running
Home Treadmill or Bike
Cost: $200-$7000

Home exercise equipment is a great investment for your health...as long as you're actually using them to exercise, not to hang your clothes on.

recipe repertoire thumbnail
Trying to figure it out on your own
Cost: $0 now, HUGE later

  • Increased heart disease risk
  • Increased stroke risk
  • Increased cancer risk
  • Increased chance to gain weight
  • MISSED: Exercise helps with depression similarly to Zoloft
  • MISSED: Exercise improves sleep
  • MISSED: Exercise boosts energy
  • MISSED: Exercise boosts self-confidence

Are You Ready For A Lifetime Of Health? Join Exercise Bliss Now!

We start making exercise a habit on Monday. Will you join us?

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Don't let your inner critic CRASH your progress with Exercise Bliss and keep you sedentary & stiff! Understand WHAT it takes for your brain to wire the exercise habit, and get the TOOLS to battle defeatism with Exercise Bliss Classic. Includes 6 video training modules on goal setting for habits, habit wiring, the right way to evaluate your progress, mind reprogramming, exercise FAQs, and inner critic rewiring! 14-day money-back guarantee applies. Normally $99.97, Add To Your Order Today For Just $49.97 (50% OFF)

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Exercise Bliss is a habit-wiring workout program designed for people with a history of on- and off- exercise but who do actually want to make exercise a permanent part of their lives.

Exercise Bliss is an 8-week home exercise program.

While other workout programs aim to get you better abs, arms, cardio fitness, etc, Exercise Bliss is designed to get your brain to “wire” the habit. 

Because it is only AFTER you make exercise a habit that you can then go do those other workouts SAFELY — meaning, you won’t follow another program and then “fall off” the wagon.

If you want permanent results, you have to focus on building the HABIT first.

Exercise Bliss starts out from super gentle exercise in Month 2 and proceeds to more intense workouts in Month 2.


Gentle workout example
Month 2 workout

Once you complete payment you will be emailed a link to set your password and access the Exercise Bliss program in the Fitness Reloaded Habits Academy. You will login at https://fitnessreloaded.com/login/

The fact that you’ll be traveling while you’re going through the program is a good thing. Think about it: You’ll travel several times in the future. This is not an one-time thing. If you’re gonna build a habit and exercise for the rest of your life (we’re talking decades here!) you’ll need a plan for those weeks when you’re out of town. And the best time to formulate that plan is when you’re actually going through EB!!

I’m loving the fact that you’re thinking ahead and are already in the process of foreseeing potential obstacles. That’s actually something we do in Exercise Bliss each and every week! It’s part of the program!

I have a few potential solutions already in mind, but it’s part of the EB method to help students scratch their own itch first before I jump in. So I say, come join the program, and if you keep thinking you won’t have a good solution for the out of town issue, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll help. E-mail support is also part of the program 🙂

We offer 14-day money back guarantees. So get started, and if you decide this is not what you were looking for, then request a refund by emailing support@fitnessreloaded.com with your order information.

No, purchasing this program gives you lifetime access. There will be no further charges.

Hi, I'm author maria brilaki

Hi, I’m Maria, best-selling author of “Surprisingly…Unstuck: The power of small healthy habits in a world addicted to instant results.” I specialize in helping women make living healthy their second nature, not something they have to force themselves to.  I’ve personally lost over 60 lbs with this approach, and helped thousands of others do the same! 


I finally managed to fit exercise in my hectic grad student schedule, without even having to worry too much about it. EB helped me create an exercising habit while taking away the stress and the hassles related to adding more to one's schedule. I have gotten in better shape and I love it!
Data Scientist
I used to feel "fifty shades of guilt" about exercise. I was doing a lot of walking, but knew I needed to work out in some way, to get myself fully fit and in the best shape. I now do exercise in some form several times each week, without having to push myself; and free from guilt if I miss a day because I know I can rely on my habits to keep me on track.
Before, I was not moving my body at all. Exercise Bliss taught me the value of small steps. It's ok to only do something "ridiculously small"! Before I knew it, I'd do something small 7 days a week (even though you recommended only 5 days a week). I've lost 22 lbs!
14-day money-back GUARANTEE

If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply email support@fitnessreloaded.com with your order info to get a full refund, no questions asked.

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