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Successful weight loss is not the one where you whip yourself into dropping the pounds fast. Successful weight loss is the one where you enjoyably drop the pounds and NEVER take them back. Successful weight loss is when you build habits for life. That’s lose weight slowly.

Stop Binge Eating Now. No Willpower Needed.

Stop Binge Eating Now. No Willpower Needed.

Binge eating: An utterly human characteristic. Isn’t it weird that we humans eat more food…because we ate? Think about it: You’re on a diet, and you slip. Once you slip, it’s easier to keep slipping. So you eat because you ate. And being on a diet is just one example. We can even do this… Read More

3 Simple Rules to Lose 5 Pounds Without Dieting

Welcome to the Smart, Lazy Dieters Series! We’ve talked about how to use lack of willpower to your advantage, how to lose weight successfully the lazy way, and the best weight loss books for the summer. Today I’ll share with you what I did to lose 5 pounds, without dieting, as an already healthy person with… Read More