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They tell you all you got to do is “eat less, move more”…

…cut out foods, tiny portions, excessive exercise – and then you’d lose all the weight! Only weight loss is a multifactorial, inherently complex issue, and this simplistic advice is the equivalent of attempting to chop a log with an (overused) kitchen knife. In reality, you need to reload your lifestyle and make (the right) changes in all of these areas:

Imagine if you eat all the time and yet lose weight? That’s what will happen if you know what foods to prioritize to lose weight without feeling hungry.
Imagine if you never had to resort to eating random – or simply bad- stuff because you always had food prepared?
Imagine if you were the person who likes to exercise almost every day, and maybe even did cool things, like deadlifting your own bodyweight?
Imagine if having one bad meal did not make you throw a pity party and cause more overeating, but could instead brush it off?

Because losing all the weight effectively is not just “eat less, move more.” It’s:

Eat less move more, AND work on reducing cravings, AND getting over the habit to eat more just because you ate something you were not planning to eat, AND planning ahead, AND cooking more, AND gaining the ability to stop eating when you feel full, even when there’s food right in front of you — just to name a few.

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Available plans on Fitness Reloaded

Start free, then choose the plan that is right for you. All plans include the same level of service – what changes is duration and pricing.


$299 per month.

No commitment

  • Recommended for folks with a 10 or fewer pounds to lose or others who want to refine their habits.
  • Renews monthly unless cancelled.

$249 per month

for 6 months

  • Recommended for folks with 20 or fewer pounds to lose.
  • 6-month commitment.

$199 per month

for 12 months

  • Recommended for folks with a 45 or fewer pounds to lose.
  • 12-month commitment.

$179 per month

for 18 months

  • Recommended for folks with a 65 or fewer pounds to lose.
  • 18-month commitment.

$149 per month

for 24 months

  • Recommended for folks with 65 or more pounds to lose.
  • 24-month commitment.

Our all-in-one membership plans include nutrition, cooking, exercise, and mindset habit support, plus live coaching:

Access to our Nutrition Library:    

  • Learn what to eat to lose without feeling hungry
  • how to go about eating more fruits and vegetables
  • whether to cut down on alcohol or not, and more!
Access to our Cooking Library:    

  • No more eating crackers with cheese or getting take out because you had not planned ahead what to cook.
  • Learn how to put cooking, meal planning, and grocery shopping on your weekly autopilot so it’s stream-lined you never have to see it as a chore!
exercise library mockupAccess to our Exercise Library:    

  • Get our 12-week Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes home workout program for free (a $199 value).
  • You’ll also get our 8-week Tight Core Daily program.
  • You’ll also get access to our Upper Body, Lower Body, and Stretching Exercise Libraries.
mindset libraryAccess to our Mindset Library:    

  • feeling compelled to eat just because food is in front of you
  • feeling unable to stop eating despite being already full
  • eating because of people-pleasing and peer pressure
  • feeling powerless against cravings, and more!
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Get weekly support and accountability    

  • by showing up on any of our live, weekly calls, and talking to us about your weight, your progress, and the week ahead. Can’t make the call? Watch the recording.
  • Ask any question Your coach will answer within two business days.

Compare Fitness Reloaded To…

Unlike most popular options, Fitness Reloaded provides you with an all-in-one nutrition, exercise, cooking, and mindset system & materials to design the life you’d love – and start living it.



  • Nutrition: Usually a customized meal plan to follow step-by-step. FR does not do meal plans but instead teaches you how to eat to lose weight and live healthy.
  • Cooking: You might get some recipes. FR shows you how to make cooking an activity you look forward to, so you never have to resort to take out or eating random stuff.
  • Mindset: You may get some occasional advice. FR has a system to overcome the biggest mental obstacles, from overeating when you’re full to getting demotivated and wanted to throw in the towel.
  • Exercise: It’s rare to get any sort of exercise support. FR includes video workout program that you can follow at home, when traveling, or anywhere!
  • Coaching: Personal attention & accountability.
  • Lifestyle-change: While helpful, the support is not enough to all around build a new lifestyle you actually love.
  • Best for: Those who need medical nutrition therapy; those who don’t want to learn how to be autonomous and still lose weight; those who don’t prioritize lifelong results.

Personal Training


  • Nutrition: You may or may not get what is usually a cookie-cutter meal plan.
  • Cooking: You might get some recipes, no habit change system support.
  • Mindset: You may get some occasional advice, no vigorous system to change how you think.
  • Exercise: You get fitness training tailored to your goals.
  • Coaching: Personal attention & accountability.
  • Lifestyle-change: While helpful, the support is not enough to all-around build a new lifestyle you actually love.
  • Best for: Beginners who want to learn what exercises to do and have someone correct their form; Advanced exercisers who need customized attention to get to the next level.

Meal Replacement Diet


  • Nutrition: You get meals delivered to assist with weight loss. No learning what to eat, portion control, or what’s in your food.
  • Cooking: No need to cook or streamline your routine. Your lifestyle depends on purchasing meals from that company.
  • Mindset: It’s rare to get any mindset support.
  • Exercise: You may get some occasional advice, no vigorous system to change how you think.
  • Coaching: It’s rare to receive any sort of coaching.
  • Lifestyle-change: While convenient, you “pay” for that convenience when you stop using the company and have no skills or habits to maintain the weight loss.
  • Best for: Those who want to lose weight quickly; those who don’t prioritize lifelong results.

Weight Loss App

$0 to $200

  • Nutrition: Apps usually help you track what you’re eating and they also give you advice on what to choose. They don’t specifically help in making eating healthy a habit, so it becomes your new default.
  • Cooking: Some apps might give you recipes, but they don’t help you plan out your week and make meal planning and cooking a habit that’s now on autopilot.
  • Mindset: Some apps give insights but there is no habit change system in place.
  • Exercise: Weight loss apps might help you track exercise but they don’t give you workout routines.
  • Coaching: If the app includes personal coaching, then it’s going to be minimal.
  • Lifestyle-change: While helpful (at Fitness Reloaded we also use an app), apps alone don’t give you an all-around habit change system to build a lifestyle you love.
  • Best for: Those who need minimal hand-holding and don’t already have a history of losing weight and then regaining; those who don’t realize that an app alone is not enough for lifelong results.