Who Wants to Lose weight & Decrease A1C Through...

…Getting more activity, eating more carbs, sleeping better, and stressing less? Take the Quiz first to find out if you’re eligible for our lifestyle coaching program for people with prediabetes, a family history of diabetes, or a previous diagnosis of gestational diabetes.

Our lifestyle program decreases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58%! To compare, treating prediabetes with medication (metmorfin) reduces risk by only 31%!

No meal plans. No banned foods. No excessive exercise.

Prevention is the best medicine

Lose weight eating your favorite foods

Step by step I show you the habits to adjust your eating pattern so you get to eat MORE delicious food but lose MORE weight.

Exercise because you crave it, not because you "have to"

At Fitness Reloaded we get active to primarily live a long life, not to burn calories.

Maintain healthy blood sugar levels

Make living healthy your new go-to behavior, and never be afraid of diabetes again

Sleep better & wake up with energy

With better sleep you'll better regulate your appetite, ability to tackle problems, blood sugar levels, and energy.

How Fitness Reloaded works
for prediabetes & weight loss

1. Take the 1-min Quiz or book a free consult to see if you qualify

Take the 1-min quiz, or book a free consultation to see if you're eligible

2. Select the coaching class that works for your schedule

Look at the schedule and select the times that works best for you to attend our distance learning program.

3. Join The Community

Community is what makes us different. Get 24/7 coaching support and celebrate your wins - and your fails - with us.

4. Get instant access to the Diabetes Prevention resources.

Get instant access to our books and PDFS guide to stop & prevent diabetes!

1 out of 3 adults have prediabetes, but 9 out of 10 don't know it!

Take the 1-min Quiz now to find out if you’re at risk, and if you qualify for the Fitness Reloaded program.

What if Could Really Make any Healthy Endeavor Feel Like Second Nature?

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Find out if coaching is right for you.

Imagine…Unexpected muffins next to the office coffee machine? You didn’t even notice them. Friends munching on chips and crackers? You won’t feel like it and pass on the offer.

Nothing Less Than Your Best Life

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Schedule free session to find out if coaching is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness Reloaded is an 1-1 coaching online platform that helps you lose weight and prevent diabetes by breaking common fattening habits that hold people back.

We offer a 14-day refund period.

If you want to set goals to live your best life, improve your ability to bounce back from setbacks, and get strategies to eat healthier, exercise more, sleep better, and stress less, then…what are you waiting for?

The advised food is not vegan/veggie. We don’t advocate for excluding food groups as part of our program because it is not sustainable. Instead, you build healthy habits that include enjoying the foods you like. 

Listen if you have credit card debt, then odds are you indeed cannot afford it. But in most cases, what we can or cannot afford is about what we choose to spend our money on vs what we don’t.

I was talking to a graduate the other day (“Sonja”, see her picture above) who was telling me she was very happy she lost all the weight but that in the beginning she was “sticker-shocked” and had to crunch the numbers. She felt coaching was worth it not just for losing the weight but for gaining a foundation that will help her stay slim, eat healthy, and exercise for the rest of her life.

Then we talked about how other people people will likely go on to spend way more money for weight loss spread out in the next 10-20 years by signing up for fitness bootcamps (often $300 for a few weeks of just exercise training), buying supplements or shakes (meal replacements shakes run at $350/month), purchasing meal plans or personal training (thousands of dollars), signing up at boutique fitness studios at $199/month etc, and that is without even factoring for the tens of thousands of dollars of cost of health issues that might develop as a result of overweight or obesity.

And since I mentioned health issues, did you know that the majority of people who die from Coronavirus have underlying health issues, incl. cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and/or cancer? And that all three of them are related to obesity and a poor diet?

This is ultimately your decision.

If you think you can do it on your own, then all the power to you. In fact, I want to help you by adding a little bit of accountability.

Give yourself 30 days to make a change on your own. If you haven’t made any progress at the end of 30 days, give us a try. How does that sound?

This way you avoid the common danger where we make promises to ourselves, only to break them. This way, if 30 days from today the scales haven’t moved as expected, then you know you got to do something different, or you’re clearly not being honest with yourself.

If you’d like to take this challenge then just leave your name and email here, then click on “Keep me accountable” and I’ll follow up with you in 30 days!

Absolutely. Book a free consultation here. Or alternatively, email support@fitnessreloaded.com with your question.

Several insurance plans cover the Diabetes Prevention Program. We’ll issue an invoice that you can then submit to your insurance and may be compensated for some part of the program.