"Weightproof" is when you Reach Your Goal Weight, then eat anything (even ice-cream), overeat during the holidays, yet still not gain any fat!

Imagine getting to your goal weight, then eating carefree (yes, even brownies) – and not gaining any fat?

With our “Calorie Investing” method we help women not just lose weight, but create a lifestyle that is so weightproof, that they no longer need to worry about how their food intake will affect their waistline.

here are just some of the fattening habits we help you get free of:

No student has the same habits to address or the same starting point. Weight loss programming is 100% personalized to the needs and lifestyle of each student - and even changes on a weekly basis, because let's face it, not all weeks are the same!

Just A Fraction Of The Fattening Habits We Help Break:

  • Feeling compelled to eat when food is in front of you, even when you're no longer hungry.
  • Grazing throughout the day or skipping meals.
  • Cravings, especially at night.
  • Not eating enough fruits and vegetables.
  • Overeating because "it's your daughter's birthday, mother's day, Thanksgiving, 4th of July" etc.
  • No meal planning ahead of time, causing stress during the week and suboptimal eating.
  • Excessively associating overeating or overdrinking with "having fun" and feeling like you'll miss out if you don't overeat/overdrink.
  • Not liking exercise and feeling it's a chore.
  • Feeling confused about what you should really be eating because of all the conflicting information.
  • All-or-nothing attitude and aversion to making small changes.
Good riddance!

Start With The Habit Academy...

We offer 33 courses in 5 different categories: Nutrition, Mindset, Cooking, and Exercise.

1 Mindset
2 Nutrition
3 Cooking & Planning
4 Exercise
5 Strategy

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Cooking & Planning

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...Then Use The "Habit Diary" To Take Action And See The Weight Melt Off week after week

Live Weekly Coaching: We have your back

Questions? Not sure how to implement what you learned in the Habit Academy? Just want to check-in with your weight loss and optimize? With our live coaching, we help support you in making the Weight Loss Habits Plan that’s perfect for you.

When I started, even intermittent fasting couldn't stop my waistline from expanding! Fitness Reloaded helped me create the habits that I needed and I now have a slim waist!


Typical Weight Loss Programs VS Fitness Reloaded

When others try to make you "eat less" or "ban foods," we have no restrictions, no off limits foods, no excessive exercise!

Other Weight Loss Programs

  • Lose weight by eating less or banning foods making it very difficult to "last" past week 8.
  • Radical change, e.g., from zero to five hours of exercise every week. Or from being a carb eater to banning them. Yet another reason to quit.
  • If any, the teaching provided is very little.
  • If any, personalization is limited to high level information like age and gender.
  • Little, if any, accountability or "get things done" system
  • You're on your own: There's rarely coaching provided.

Fitness Reloaded

  • No off limits foods. You can eat anything you want.
  • Small, gradual changes so that you effectively lose all 30, 40, 50 lbs and not get stuck after just the first 10.
  • Our 33 self-paced courses in the Habit Academy show you how to break the 35 habits that keep you from reaching your goal weight.
  • Deep personalization for every student's particular lifestyle: Add your Habit Goals on your Habit Diary in detail like "Goal Total:2 || I'll go for a 20 min walk after I put the dinner dishes in the sink on Monday and Thursday."
  • "Get things done" system: Check off the goals you complete every week, then adjust the plan for the week ahead.
  • You're never alone: weekly live coaching helps you answer your questions and adjust your Weekly Plan to better serve your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness Reloaded is an online platform that helps you lose weight by breaking common fattening habits that hold people back.

We don’t offer refunds but our program starts with a free trial.

Yes! We offer the VIP add-on. The VIP Club is a monthly subscription that you can add to your Pioneer or Badass plan and gives you one private coaching call a month. You can select it after you put your credit card details.

The advised food is not vegan/veggie. We don’t advocate for excluding food groups as part of our program because it is not sustainable. Instead, you build healthy habits that include enjoying the foods you like. 

Yes! While our clientele is mostly women, we work with men! Weight loss principles are true for anyone regardless of gender. So if you’re a man, don’t hesitate, we’d love to help you shed the pounds and, depending on your goals, build some muscle too!

Listen if you have credit card debt, then odds are you indeed cannot afford it. But in most cases, what we can or cannot afford is about what we choose to spend our money on vs what we don’t.

I was talking to a graduate the other day (“Sonja”, see her picture above) who was telling me she was very happy she lost all the weight but that in the beginning she was “sticker-shocked” and had to crunch the numbers. She felt coaching was worth it not just for losing the weight but for gaining a foundation that will help her stay slim, eat healthy, and exercise for the rest of her life.

Then we talked about how other people people will likely go on to spend way more money for weight loss spread out in the next 10-20 years by signing up for fitness bootcamps (often $300 for a few weeks of just exercise training), buying supplements or shakes (meal replacements shakes run at $350/month), purchasing meal plans or personal training (thousands of dollars), signing up at boutique fitness studios at $199/month etc, and that is without even factoring for the tens of thousands of dollars of cost of health issues that might develop as a result of overweight or obesity.

And since I mentioned health issues, did you know that the majority of people who die from Coronavirus have underlying health issues, incl. cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and/or cancer? And that all three of them are related to obesity and a poor diet?

This is ultimately your decision.

Most people regret waiting to sign up with Fitness Reloaded. Also, this is a great deal we’re giving right now, and you’re very likely to miss it if you don’t take action.

But hey, if you think you can do it on your own, then please all the power to you. In fact, I want to help you by adding a little bit of accountability.


Give yourself 30 days to make a change on your own. If you haven’t made any progress at the end of 30 days, give us a try. How does that sound?

This way you avoid the common danger where we make promises to ourselves, only to break them. This way, if 30 days from today the scales haven’t moved as expected, then you know you got to do something different, or you’re clearly not being honest with yourself.

If you’d like to take this challenge then just leave your name and email here, then click on “Keep me accountable” and I’ll follow up with you in 30 days!

Absolutely. Book a free consultation here. Or alternatively, email support@fitnessreloaded.com with your question.