is coke zero sugar bad for you

Is Coke Zero Bad For You? Coke Zero Sugar vs. Diet Coke. 

I invited a registered dietitian to explain the differences between Coke Zero Sugar, Diet Coke, and regular Coke. She ultimately answers the question - is Coke Zero bad for you? Does it make you fat or cause stroke?

feta cheese

Feta Cheese & Why The Med Diet Includes Full Fat, Not Low Fat, Dairy. 

While formal Mediterranean Diet guidelines advise for low-fat dairy, this advice is actually BS and inconsistent with reality. Feta cheese is a great example of that.

no sugar diet

6 Reasons A No Sugar Diet Won’t Make You Healthier. 

A no sugar diet can actually make you more, not less, unhealthy. Here's what to consider before you jump in the 'quit sugar' bandwagon.

mediterranean diet meal plan

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan: Why Science Supports It & An Example. 

Chicken sandwich as part of a Mediterranean diet meal plan? My Greek grandmother who lived to 95 would laugh at this. Here's an authentic example.

vegan vs vegetarian

Vegan vs Vegetarian Diets: 5 Things to Consider For You and Your Kids. 

Vegan vs vegetarian diets: Which one is healthier than the other and how do they fare compared to other diets? What about raising vegan or vegetarian kids?

caveman diet

5 Things To Consider Before You Switch To A Caveman Diet. 

The caveman diet promotes eating like our ancestors to achieve better health. Only this is not how our ancestors ate.