Find 20 Favorite, High-Fiber Recipes

My goal for you is to lose all the weight you want to lose – whether that is 30, 50, or 100 lbs – and keep it off. And to do that, we need to change your eating pattern into a slimming one. By slimming I am referring to eating in a way that follows the Calorie Investing principles, so you are full in fewer calories.

If you learn to eat this way, weight loss will be easy and keeping it off will be no big deal, since this is the way you’ll be eating for the rest of your life.

So to get from here to there we need to work on the recipes you’re cooking on a weekly basis! You need to arm yourself with recipes that help support your nutrition goals. And you can’t just use any recipe you find on the web – remember the default way of eating follows a low-fiber, fattening pattern.

So we’ll be looking for high-fiber dishes that you make at home, love, and want to keep on making. If you just discover one new recipe every other week, in the content of the next year you’ll have found around 20 recipes! That you love! That help keep you slim! You’ll get to add your 20 winners here in this goal under the Reviews section.

So by the time you’ll have lost all this weight, you’ll also have armed yourself with slimming recipes you’ll want to be eating over and over again! Let’s make it happen, one recipe at a time.

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