The 21 Habits That Helped Me Lose Weight

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This is my story. It’s about how I lost the weight and the habits that led me there. I lost 15 lbs after grad school and then 6 years later I dropped the 45.8 lbs baby weight. Yes this is a total of more than 60 lbs!

But this is not the power of this case study report. The power lies in the fact that I get to describe what I did differently back when I left grad school vs. after giving birth – when I was way more “advanced” habit-wise but also had 3 times the amount of weight to lose! In other words, in both cases I needed to lose weight but context was very different. Context is what many people miss when starting to lose weight and it’s also what makes weight loss look very different from individual to individual.

  • Context is why some people may need to start with exercise while others may need to change their diet as soon as possible.
  • Context is why some people do better losing weight slowly while others get better results losing weight fast.
  • Context is why these habits produced these results for me, but the chances that these exact habits that I followed will produce the exact same results for you are really, really low – after all, we’re different people, with different goals, different lives, different starting points, different needs, different, different, different.

Context is also why an approach that may have been perfect for you in your 20s is no longer a good fit for you now in your 40s. Get context wrong and you walk a frustrating path that usually involves one or two of the following:

  • You do what you think is right but can’t seem to get it work. It looks like you can’t lose weight.
  • You lose weight frustratingly slow compared to the effort you’re putting in.
  • You lose weight successfully but then take most of it back in the next year or two.

Let’s avoid these, shall we? By focusing on habits you’ll get to dramatically decrease the risk that you’ll gain the weight back. And by better understanding context you’ll get to make wiser choices when it comes to the particular way you should be losing weight incl. what habits to go with first and what pace is right for you.

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