The 21 Habits To Lose 60.8 lbs

HERE’S A FRACTION OF WHAT YOU’RE GETTING WITH “The 21 Habits That Helped Me Lose 60.8 lbs” report.

I used the habits I walk you through in this report to lose 15 lbs right after grad school. And then used them again years later and lost the 45.8 lbs baby weight gain!

(In fact, after I lost the 45.8 lbs and reached my prepregnancy weight, I then went on and lost another three – because why not? Once you have the ball rolling, and the habits down, weight loss goes from sounding this big, difficult thing to simple and easy.)

I’m going to show you my “habit mix”, and how each habit helped me lose weight, but you’ll then have to mix and match, tune up or down different habits to adjust them to your situation and your life.

  • Can you lose fat by “transforming your body into a fat-burning machine?” Do not waste any more time on this marketing BS – here’s what actually causes fat loss.
  • How I cook, meal prep, and grocery shop to facilitate slow weight loss (back when I wanted to lose 15 lbs) vs. fast weight loss (that was when I had to lose the 45.8 lbs pregnancy weight.) Habits #02, #03, #05, #14, #15.
  • Famous weight loss gurus say you should “max out” at the gym, but I lost weight exactly because I did not. Habit #01.
  • When losing fat, we all know we’ll be better off not bringing “tempting food” at home. But what about “tempting food” that’s brought at home by our partner or children? Habits #11, #12, #13.
  • Why I needed just 7 habits to drop 15 lbs back in 2010, but had to go up to a total of 21 habits to lose the 45.8lbs pregnancy weight.
  • The one habit that’s ultimately responsible for my weight loss. (Hint: it’s not about diet or exercise.) Habit #07.

By the end of this report, you’ll have received a complete breakdown of what it actually takes to lose weight and never gain it back.


Many weight loss gurus want to position fat loss as this really simple thing, and just take this ONE supplement, or adopt this ONE habit, or just eat less (yeah, right!) and you’ll get to your goal.

I call BS.

This type of advice makes you completely underestimate what you’re up against.

  • You’ll spend your money on the fat-burning supplement but lose no fat.
  • You’ll try to “eat less” but what about Wednesday night when you had choir practice and came late at home or Sundays when you have your traditional family brunch?
  • You’ll try to establish an exercise routine, but already missed Monday and Wednesday because meetings ran late!

Telling people it only takes ONE thing is sexy, appealing, and palatable.

Only the won’t lose any weight.

And that’s the problem. Our lives are complex, weight loss is complex.

This is why it didn’t take me one or two, but TWENTY-ONE habits.

This is why it doesn’t take any of my clients one or two habits, but seven, ten, or twenty.

The best part? You can complete this course in a single day!

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