Join Us: Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes Workout Program

Get an hour’s results in 16 minutes

No need to battle with time! I’m Maria and I created this flat belly workout program to help you get an amazing workout in just 16 minutes! Sign up by Sunday January 20th to join the FB16 class.

Let me guess, one of these three descriptions fit you…

You’re either not exercising at all (but wish you did), or you’re meaning to exercise more regularly but you never make it to your exercise class as often as you do in your head, or you’re happy with your exercise schedule but want to take it one level up and actually see results! I got the solution that will END the time/results problem FOREVER.

At first I wasn’t sure it could be done…

Could you really get a very good workout in only such a short time?+
I knew that with the right combo of High Intensity Interval Training and hand-picked exercises, I could fit in an hour-long workout in 16 minutes. But still I needed to test my assumption first.

So I gathered a group of busy professionals and put the program to the test. The answer? It worked! Some people lost weight, others lost inches, others got stronger and fitter, most felt more energetic. But what was really interesting was that the benefits went beyond having a leaner, fitter body: People got happy. They actually liked to exercise. They felt satisfied with themselves because they were actually taking care of their bodies and no longer postponing it.

+Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

Watch the video to see a preview of FB16 and what previous customers have said.

This time you WILL follow through: Introducing the FB16 Group Accountability Bootcamp!

Even the best, most potent workout program in world (yes, this is fb16!) will do you no good if don’t follow it.

Doing a week or two won’t cut it but that’s not what’s gonna happen with fb16 bootcamp. You won’t just be buying an amazing fitness program. You’ll be buying group coaching and having me keep you accountable for 8 weeks!

Every Sunday you’ll be reporting back to us about what how you did the week before, and what you plan to do the week after. Don’t show up for your report? Expect to be called out on Monday.

We will be there to support you and help you find solutions so that you don’t get distracted and stay committed to getting hotter, sexier, and more toned.

That includes helping you navigate when your in laws are visiting; when you have unpredictable schedule at work; when your kids are sick at home; when you’re traveling in 3 different countries in just the course of the week.

Real Results For Time-Starved People

No Dieting. No Photoshop. Real Results Shown Only+.
Our clients are not fitness trainers, they’re busy professionals. Their before-after results pictures came strictly from exercise. Unlike other fitness programs
that make people diet (or photoshop) to show more results, the only thing our clients had to do was exercise 3x/week for 16 minutes following the FB16 program.

Finally, unlike other fitness programs that only show their most extreme success cases, the Before-Afters below cover a healthy range of what our clients achieved. Krista lost 25 pounds, Yev lost inches, Vicky went from skinny flabby to skinny fit.

Most importantly, most of these people would have exercised less (or not at all) if it were not for FB16.

+Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

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    Maria B., Startup Founder:

    Yes, that’s me!

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    Krista B., Teacher:

    I like myself better.

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    Karen E., Manager:

    When I see all that I lost, I feel amazed!

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    Vicky P., Software Engineer:

    I look forward to working out!

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    Amanda S., Baby Planner:

    I knew I’d get a very good workout in a short amount of time.

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    Yev M., PhD Candidate:

    I now look in the mirror and feel good about my appearance.

Much more than better looks

+ energy, + feeling accomplished, + the end of exercise=overwhelm

And Maria makes me feel great about what I’m doing because all of the time she’s telling me, “Yes, you’re helping your body, and you’re doing what’s good for you!”
– Krista B., Teacher

My fitness improved massively. By the end of it I doubled the number of reps I could do on some of the fit tests.
– Helen T., Project Manager

Instead of getting stuck with “should I go for a run? should I go to a yoga class? should I go lift weights?” and not actually doing anything because of indecision, I would just go right in and follow FB16.
– Yev M., PhD Candidate

Most students increase their fitness by at least 50% by the end of the program

Those stairs that seemed like a challenge? They’ll likely stop feeling like that. Getting exhausted running after your kids? You’ll see who’ll get exhausted first after getting used to FB16! Feeling worn out by the end of the day? Not when you feel proud for getting one more workout under your belt! Yay you!

No More Excuses!

It’ll be hard to justify NOT working out for 16 min at home.

It’s really hard not to have 16 minutes.
– Jessica Y., Environmental Engineer

It was harder not to do 16 minutes than to actually do it! I felt like I needed a really good excuse not to find 16 minutes in my day.
– Helen T., Project Manager

I was tired at the end, yes…but they were doable, and I actually had a thrill and more energy when I was finished. And all in just 16 minutes!
– Marcela M., Photographer

Whenever I hear someone running for an hour I say “you’re crazy, you only need 16 minutes!”
– Krista B., Teacher

How FB16 Brings Rapid Results in Only 16 Minutes

ALL-INCLUDED: ABS, BUTT, LEGS, ARMS, BACK. This is not just a flat belly workout program. Nothing is left out from this HIIT home workout. But not all exercises are made equal. Every exercise included in FB16 had to earn its way into the program. FB16 was designed so that it can-be your go-to workout all year round. With FB16 taking care of your fitness, you don’t have to worry about what you should really be doing. You can have peace of mind that you’re getting the best results in the least amount of time.

flat belly workout program

12 HIIT workouts to Get it done in 16 minutes a day



You’ll know exactly what to do+when. Weekly e-mails will be guiding you through the program, keeping you on track, and guiding you step-
by-step. Leave creating the best flat belly workout program to us, and put your time to your family, career, or leisure.


Workouts gradually build up in intensity.

All our interval training workouts are included in a private website that you will access
with your username and password. Each set of HIIT workouts will be
released every two weeks, so that you go from easier difficulty to harder
workouts as you get stronger.


FORM MATTERS. Modifications Included.

In FB16 we’re quickly switching from one exercise to another in 30 sec
or less. With High Intensity Interval Training, there’s no time to explain the exercises when we’re actually
working out. But that’s not a reason to not to pay attention to form.
That’s why I’ve included separate 6-10 minute videos that show
you exactly what you’ll be doing in each workout so you master the moves before you start the workout. Modifications are thoroughly explained.



This is not a DVD program, it’s an online program. The benefit? You get
to take it with you. Whether you’re at a hotel, or visiting your parents,
the only thing you need to do to work out is log in.


WEEKS 1-4: 6 workouts to build your total body foundation!

FB16 - FIT Test

Fit Test

With this workout we’ll measure your fitness level. How many repetitions of each exercise
can you complete in 60 seconds?

FB16 - Abs Cardio Circuit

Abs Cardio Circuit

Cardio and corework combined together.
Burning calories and sculpting your abs at
the same time!

FB16 - Butt Cardio Circuit

Butt Cardio Circuit

A real calorie burner. Become a cardio machine with this butt-centric workout.



Cardio gets your fitness to the next level,
while the upper body exercises will make
sure your arms, back, and chest get in shape!

FB16 - Legs Sculptor

Legs Sculptor

Time to do legs, but get ready because the
intensity is going up with this one!

FB16 - Abs Sculptor

Abs Sculptor

Abs of steel, that’s what the abs sculptor will be doing for you!

? WEEKS 5-8: You’re ready to level up now!

FB16 - Butt Buster

Butt Buster

We add jumping just to make sure your butt is really working. You’re gonna feel this one.

FB16 - Body Balance

Body Balance

Balance is not just about your body, it’s about your mind too. This is a slower-paced, yet very effective legs- and abs-focused workout.

FB16 - Love Handle Killer

Love Handle Killer

You know all those jiggly stuff on your sides? Time to get rid of them. For good.

FB16 - Arms Sculptor

Arms Sculptor

We’re getting serious with our upper body.
First time Maria did this, she could now keep
up! Let’s see how you do!

FB16 - Crazy Abs

Crazy Abs

Strong, sexy abs, isn’t this what we all want? Crazy abs will make it happen for you.



We finish up FB16 with a total body workout
that leaves no muscle out. All your body will be
working to complete this one!

? WEEKS 9-12: Get the MAX RESULTS Extension


Learn how to combine the FB16 workouts, and get the mighty double workouts! 32 minutes of working out give you maximum results. Only for the people who really want to see their fitness level explode. This is released right after you graduate from the first 8-weeks.

fb16 tv

3 more powerful tools for best results


Fitness Level Tracker Sheet

This journal accompanies the Fit Test Workout video. Do as many reps as you can and jot down the results! You may start out by doing 10 push-ups. Don’t be surprised if by the end of the program you’re doing 30!

Tracker SHEET

What gets measured gets better. I’ve created a special PDF to jot down your results, incl. belly, waist, and hips measurements.


I’ve arranged the workouts to make sure you’re progressing each week
as you build up your strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Form instructions and modifications included

12 separate “workout breakdown” videos explain every move included in each workout. This way you’ll know exactly how to safely perform each exercise, and how to modify it to better match your fitness level.

fb16 workout
flat belly
firm butt
in 16 minutes

fb16 flat belly workout program

Just 3 Monthly Installments of $119.

(That’s like a daily $3.96 coffee for 3 months – and you get to keep access to the FB16 workout program forever!)

14-day Money-Back Guarantee valid till February 3rd. No questions asked. Just e-mail our Support and we’ll get it done.

Not just access for 3 months – LIFETIME access

When you sign up at a gym, you get to go as long as you’re paying for it. The minute you stop paying, you’re out. Ditto for a yoga class pack. Ditto for access to a tennis court.

But that’s not what we do at Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes. Instead, you get LIFETIME access. In other words, you’ll be able to log in long after the 12 weeks are over. You’ll get to log in for as long as the program is “alive” on the market.

So unless some serious change of plans happens, you’ll be able to sign in and do your work out!

This also means that should your routine be interrupted – maybe you’re moving, maybe you got super-busy with work and family issues – it won’t matter. You’ll simply start over where you last left off.

FB16 - Amanda Review

“It was easy to convince myself to just do it.”

Before FB16, I could never
stay committed to working out regularly. Even when I told myself I was “too tired” to exercise, I knew that I could get it done quickly and feel amazing afterwards, so it was easy to convince myself to just do it.


Since I graduated from FB16, I’ve been motivated to repeat the program on my own multiple times.+

– Amanda S., Baby Planner

+Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

Where will you be 2-3 months from now?

If they did it, so can you.

    • I can pull my pants on without undoing the button!
      – Charlotte W., Mother, Sales Professional

    • 3-4 times later, all of sudden I was like, “Okay now I can actually do these exercises.” It was really exciting for me to see growth and progress, besides the weight loss and my clothes fitting easier and more comfortably.
      – Krista B., Teacher

    • I can finally say that I have worked out for 3 consecutive months, which is a first for me! And I finally can also say that I LOVE working out! 🙂
      – Vicky P., Software Engineer

    • Working out made me HAPPY!
      – Marcela M., Photographer, mom of twins

    • I started having more energy and beginning my day with a positive attitude!
      – Karen E., Manager

+Results vary based on goals, effort, and starting point.