Hi everyone, I’m Maria and I’m here to help you separate the woo from the science, live healthier, skip the fads, and build healthier habits that’ll last forever. After studying engineering in Greece, I came to do my graduate studies at Stanford University in California. I graduated 15 pounds heavier. In the course of the year, I lost the weight, not by dieting, but by changing my habits.

Couple the weight gain with the mid-twenties crisis and I realized that what was really important was to be healthy and live a long, healthy, and vital life. So that’s why I originally started Fitness Reloaded – to share with others what I was learning about changing our behaviors, building habits, and never looking back.

I wrote my first book on this subject (read by over 20,000 people), created Exercise Bliss to help people who dread exercise specifically with making exercise a habit, and launched Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 minutes to help people who are really busy and wish they had more time to exercise actually get a great full body workout in only 16 minutes.

The site has grown to be big enough to be my full time job. I’m committed to detecting “woo” and helping people create better habits that’ll serve them for the rest of their lives.

If you are tired of fad diets, health science being blown out of proportion by the media, and “woo” masked as science-based advice, follow Fitness Reloaded for more!


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