Top 6 Books To Get A Beach Body This Summer

Pipa Middleton (Kate's sister) is an advocate of one of those must-read beach body books.
Pippa Middleton (Kate’s sister) is an advocate of one of those must-read beach body books. Now you know where her beach body comes from!

It’s not that the information to lose weight or get a beach body is not out there. The information is out there. The problem is it’s hard to find.

This problem becomes even bigger when you’re lazy. You see as a truly lazy person, you want to devote little effort, but have to make this little effort COUNT. You’re all about efficiency: least amount of effort, maximum results. So you don’t just want any information, you want the best of the best.

But how can you find it? There are thousands of beach body books out there. Some of them *should* have what you’re looking for. Some of them will be misleading. How do you pick the right one?

In today’s episode I’m presenting you with my favorite beach body books. Either one of them will help you find the right exercises, eat better food, and develop a success mindset. No crush diets here – only efficient and effective ways to get real results as soon as possible, with the least amount of effort as possible.

 6 Must-Read Beach Body Books For The Summer

Yes, I’m not talking about fad diets. You won’t find a single diet book here. The best beach body is the one you get to keep for life, not the one you enjoy for two weeks and then it’s over.

So, here’s a quick summary of all the 6 beach books mentioned in the video…

1. Pilates On The Go, by Margot Cambell

I love Pilates, and this is one is hands down my favorite book. I resort to this book when I feel really lazy to exercise, and it always gives me ideas on what to do.

2. The Fit-Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet, Jenn Walters and Erin Whitehead

Don’t know the Fit-Bottomed Girls? Their blog is always full of health advice and funny commentaries on the latest fitness trends. And most importantly, they’re anti-diet! Just like me!

I cannot even describe the value of the comprehensive 10-minute fixes they give in the book. If you only have 10 minutes, then this is the book to go. Period.

3. The Physique 57 Solution, Tanya Becker and Jennifer Maanavi

The founders of Physique 57 really know their stuff. They know that the largest muscles in the body are our legs and butt. If you focus the majority of your workout working them, not only are you going to develop a tight tush, you’ll also burn A LOT of calories.

For amazing butt exercises, look no further.

4. Max Capacity Training, Samy Peyret

Yes, you can get an hour’s results in 16 minutes, and Samy does explain in his book exactly how to make this happen.

This is the first book that introduced me to the wonders of High Intensity Interval Training, and I could not recommend it enough. Also, check out the interview Samy gave me a couple of years ago. You’ll learn all about what you need to do to be efficient in your workouts!

5. Surprisingly…Unstuck, Maria Brilaki

Yes, this is my book. You guessed it right. And I totally recommend it if you’re the type of person that gets excited about making healthy changes, only to quit a month or two later. Get those habits down, and once you do, you’ll never have to go back ever again. You’ll never be a beginner again.

You’ll never have to think “I know I should get back to exercise…”, or

“I know I must stop eating frozen food…”

All those things that you “know you should”? Well, now you’ll do them, and you’ll never have to feel this way ever again.

6. Ask and It Is Given, Esther and Jerry Hicks

This is a Law of Attraction book. It explains why the universe will give you what you want if you come up with the right thoughts first.

BUT this is not why I’m recommending it to you.

LoA aside, the processes described in the book work. They truly help you develop a success mindset. And once you have this mindset, then what can really stand in your way? Nothing.

Nothing can stop you if you have a success mindset. Nothing can stop you when you know how to encourage yourself to keep going, rather than give up. Nothing can stop you when you appreciate what you have and feel excited for more, instead of complaining about the negative. Nothing can stop you when you have mastered the Christmas Principle.

So if you want to develop a success mindset with healthy eating, exercise, or weight loss, then look no further, because there’s no better book than that.

And if reading a book is not enough. then check out Dream Life, my 30-day program that will completely transform how you think – and your results – in 30 days.

So now it’s your turn to let me know. What are you reading this summer? What are your favorite beach body books? Leave a comment on Facebook.

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