Episode 77: Best butt workout routine to look and…walk better.

best butt workout routine

Several people neglect doing a butt workout. They focus on their upper body and forget about their lower body.

I guess they don’t know that a worked out butt does not only give you good looks – our butts are instrumental for our walking and posture.

If your butt is weak then your walking will suffer. You will compensate by ruining your posture, or else said, putting the weight on your bones rather than on your muscles.

This practice poses multiple risks – from arthritis to severe back and knee pain.

But let’s not get negative. You are not going to get that because you will do this butt workout routine. Right? 🙂

Why this one of the best, if not the best, butt workout routine

We are used to working our muscles either to the front or to the side. But what about the other directions that are in between?

Everyday movement requires us to move in all 360 angles, so why don’t our workouts match our lives?

Well, this butt workout routine is based on rotations – to make sure that you work your butt from as many angles as possible 🙂

Best Butt Workout Breakdown

All 3 butt exercises of this workout routine have a similar, if not the same, starting position.

Starting position: Use a chair for support. Feet point towards the chair, knees are bent. Lift one leg back.

butt workout with chair

Butt Exercise 1 – Lift your leg up for pulses.

 butt chair workout

Butt Exercise 2 – Push back.

best butt workout

Butt Exercise 3 –  Rotate your leg that touches the floor. Rotate your upper leg to the side, straighten, bend, and bring back yo starting position.

butt workout routine

Don’t forget to repeat for your other leg! 🙂

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