The Big Diet Confusion: What Is Healthy Eating?

diet confusion

I suffer from a big diet confusion: What does healthy eating really mean?

For any diet point of you, there is always a counter-perspective.

eating without guilt
No mom, there is this new study that claims that desserts are good for you! You should give me even more!!

If only experts could agree on what we are supposed to eat…

The only sure thing is that vegetables are healthy. There are no diets that claim that veggies should be avoided!

Ok, it’s not just vegetables. They also agree on the fact that we should drink a lot of water.

Oh, and there is something that everyone disagrees about: Sweets, candies, desserts, etc. There are no experts that say that those candies are good for you!

However, almost every other food source is under scrutiny.

Why I have a big diet confusion


Some experts argue people should avoid meat (cholesterol, animals raised with antibiotics, etc). Yet, some studies praise it (protein baby!) and find it NOT to be linked to heart disease .


Fish has a better reputation than meat, as it is not known to mess with your cholesterol. Contrary, it’s Omega 4 fatty acids are good for your heart. Still, there are diets that avoid it. Oh, and big fish like Salmon or Tuna have Mercury. So even if the fish itself was healthy, the Mercury contained in it is definitely not.

Pasta, rice, bread?

Most diets say you can eat them but in moderation. Yet there are other diets that banish them altogether and claim they are super-bad for you. The famous book “Why we get fat” claims that those exact foods make us store fat…


Some experts advocate you should eat a lot of dairy. Make sure you get enough Calcium. Yet, other diets say that adults are not supposed to eat dairy, and, e.g., that’s why some adults are lactose intolerant. You tell me what the right answer to this is…


Even though most fruits are praised for their high vitamin content, some experts accuse them of high fructose content that -yes- is bad for you.

Honey, eggs?

I have heard that honey is wonderful for you. I have also read that honey is actually bad for you. This article has a good summary of both viewpoints.

A similar debate exists with eggs. Are they good or bad? I think researchers have not made up their mind yet.

My healthy eating mantra: “Everything in moderation”

diet confusion
I am very confused with diets. Aren’t you?

I would love to know what is your healthy eating strategy. Mine so far has been: “everything in moderation”. Eating everything but not focusing on one food source seems like a safe strategy in world of disagreeing experts. What about you?

Are you confused as I am?

Photo Credit: Chocolate- tom@hk; Confused- Guudmorning

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