Mental Mastery To Break Fattening Habits

Welcome to the Mental Mastery course! This course is a prerequisite for several of our Mindset courses because in here, I show you the journaling techniques that you can then apply to any fattening habit to deconstruct it! Yes, we will be doing written exercises, so get your Journals ready!

Some habit examples that can be broken with the Techniques in this course:

  • Further overeating because you ate something you “shouldn’t.”
  • Overeating today because the holidays are coming or you’re going on vacation next week.
  • Feeling awkward not to eat or drink when others are eating or drinking.
  • Overeating because your friends or family want you to.
  • Not liking exercise.
  • Thinking meal planning is a big deal and viewing it as a chore
  • Thinking cooking is a chore.
  • All-or-nothing attitude: If this small habit or action won’t make you thin today, then it’s not worth it.
  • Mistaking not following through with your habits as something being wrong about you, and hence missing what the actual obstacle really is.

Let’s get started.

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Course Includes

  • 4 Classes