Say ‘No’ To People Who Push You To Eat Or Drink

people-pleasingDo you find yourself eating or drinking not because you really wanted to, but because you either wanted to blend in with others or to avoid making others feel bad?

Then this course is for you. Most people have some room for improvement when it comes to people-pleasing, but there’s a fraction of them, for whom people-pleasing is a show stopper, meaning overeating or overdrinking driven by social pressure is big enough that it stops their weight loss and all the good progress they’ve made during the rest of the week.

In this course, we’ll address both mild situations (like when you visit your aunt and she wants you to try her cookies) and difficult, even malicious, ones  – like the “friend” who’ll dump calorie-dense food on your plate so she feels less bad about her choices and despite you having already said “no.”

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