Set The Right Weekly Goals

So you made your plan for the week and it’s all in your Habit Diary. One week went by. Now it’s time to review how well you did and adjust.

I’m saying this with 100% certainty, if you don’t set this goal and equip yourself with the “Rational Problem Solving Technique” I teach, then sooner or later you’ll blow it. You’ll add the wrong goals, make the wrong adjustments, and your Weight Loss Habits Plan will turn into crap, and unless you show up into coaching and we correct you, you’ll be in high danger of eventually getting stuck.

And you’re not here to get stuck, you’re here to lose all the weight! All 30, 40, 50, 60, 70…and so on, pounds!

Don’t do this to yourself. Set the goal to learn the Rational Problem Solving Technique then apply it so you don’t get stuck with weight loss but go on and lose all of it!

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