101 Experiences of Exercise Benefits…as reported by YOU!

I am now in the editing process of the Fitness Reloaded Exercise Habits Survey. 541 of your peers completed the survey that allows me to get so much insight and serve you better…every day. The Exercise Habits Report will be out really soon!

One survey question was: “Describe the best benefit you have received from exercise”. Omg, reading those answers was SO uplifting! They literally made my day! THANK YOU!

I picked some of them for this post so that you get inspired and motivated to give your best, to live healthier, fuller and happier!


So you wanna exercise? This is what may happen to you…

You will be happier!

I'm happy and hot! Credit: www.bluewaikiki.com

1. “The more I work out, the less depressed I feel. I’ve suffered from major depression consistently since I was an early adolescent [..] Even medicated, it’s not easy, so anything that makes me feel better, is a HUGE thing.”

2. “Energy, less anxiety/stress, overcoming depression.”

3. “Helped against depression A LOT”

4. “Lately the best benefit is easing my depression. When I don’t exercise I get very down for myriad reasons, gain of weight, loss of strength, etc.”

You will transform your body

5. “My body has completely transformed! I have awesome muscle mass and it gets noticed regularly!”

6. “I look great naked.”

7. “I’ve gone down from a 42 belt down to 32 after less than a year.”

8. “I once lost 30 pounds in 3 months. I had no idea how it happened, but I felt great!  My calves got firmer and my skin looked healthy.”

You will become so HOT you won’t resist showing off!

9. “My body has become very toned since incorporating a regular weight training program with my cardio workouts. I love to wear sleeveless shirts & short skirts to show off my arms & legs!!”

You will become so HOT people will notice!

10. “People telling me they can tell I lift weights”

(Maria’s Note: “I’m sexy and I know it”!)

You will become younger!

11. “A perfect physical at doctor’s office, in fact, so well, I should be utilized as the standard of excellence in health and fitness for those over 50.”

12. “I am a fine art nude model (as an avocation) at 56 years of age.  I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t exercise!”

13. “I feel like I am still 25 years old”

You will realize it’s never too late to feel better in your skin

14. I feel much better with my body, given that for more than 40 years I did not exercise.

You will lose that baby fat!

15. “Fast weight loss after pregnancies”

16. “Lost 20 lbs of baby weight, gained back tone and stamina, strengthening core helped relieve back issues, endurance up, mood up.”

You will get more energy!

I got ENERGY baby! Credit: Orangeadnan


17. “I lost 8 kg after 4 months of exercising, plus i don’t get tired doing almost anything anymore :)”

18. “I’m getting healthier and being able to keep up with my 10 month old.”

19. “I walk and work without getting tired.”

20. “I feel better and energized after working out.”

You will gain your sanity

21. “I’m an elementary school teacher with two other side jobs. If I didn’t exercise, I would go crazy!”

You will lose weight.

22. “I lost 3 kg in less than a month.”

23. “When I had time to exercise I lost a lot of weight i use to be 220…now I’m 137 ”

24. “Lost 40 lbs in 6 months.”

25. “I lost 90 pounds after exercising for a year.”

26. “I feel better about myself after losing 25 pounds and keeping it off.”

27. “In 6 months of working out with a trainer twice/week for ~40 minutes per session, I’ve lost almost 10 lbs and dropped almost two pant sizes.”

You will increase your self-confidence!

28. “Improve self esteem”

29. “I just feel good after each session!! I feel more toned (and can see it) so I also feel better in a general point of view… I “accept” myself better.”

30.“Once I started to have fun while exercising, I started to feel better in my clothes and more positive and secure in myself.”

You will get a flatter stomach

31.“I have a flat stomach :)”

I'm sexy and I know it! Credit: Amareta Kelly

Your hips will be sexier

32. “My body looks much better.  Especially my hips!”

You will reduce your cellulite

33. “I feel a lot better each time I exercise and as I lost a lot of weight recently, by exercising, I manage to maintain my weight and reduce cellulite.”

You will become more proportionate

34. “After 3 months of regular swimming, 1 hour/day, 5 days/week and adequate nutrition, I managed to lose 8 kilos but with more remarkable results than following only a diet. With that I mean a loss of locally accumulated fat.”

35. “My body shape is better. I didn’t lose pounds, but I lost fat and gained muscles.”

You will get rid of back pains

36. “Since I am sitting for long hours in front of the computer, I often have back pains. Exercising helps me with these pains, and with maintaining a better posture.”

37.“Relieved pain in my back.”

You will play sports with ease

38. “I have toned up and have better aerobic capacity to play social sports.”

39. “I could successfully play a full (90 minute) rugby match.”

I'm strong..! Credit: velvettangerine

You will get stronger

40. “I see my muscles look better and stronger day by day”

41. “Gained muscle”

42. “I gained muscle by going to the gym twice a week.”

You will become more efficient

43. “I am more productive while working, more self confidence, better mood and attitude, easier to relax and focus on work.”

44. “Able to do my work everyday (which requires standing all day)  without feeling too tired to do anything when I get home.”

You will become smarter

45. Feel better, smarter, and think clearer from doing it.”

You will improve  your posture

46. “Since I am sitting for long hours in front of the computer, I often have back pains. Exercising helps me with these pains, and with maintaining a better posture.”

47. “Helps keep my posture right.”

You will improve your lab results

48. “Blood pressure under control; heart rate low; LDL level VERY low/HDL high; weight controlled.”

49.”My systolic blood pressure was reduced from 140 to 90 after 3 months of exercise.”

50. “My systolic blood pressure was reduced from 140 to 100 after 3 months of daily exercise.”

51. “My cholesterol has decreased from 210 to 193 after.”

52. “My resting heart rate is in the 40’s.”

53. “I improve me blood test lab results up to 30%.”

You will prevent disease

54. “Exercise has been keeping me away from doctors.”

55. “Keeping active and regular exercise helps my body keep from getting arthritic.”

You will heal faster

56. “Yoga helped heal my pulled hamstring and wrist issues.”

You will feel accomplished

57. “A huge sense of accomplishment whenever I swim a mile, which I do a couple of times a year.”

58. “Just a sense of accomplishment.  I ran my first half marathon in October and working towards and completing this goal was very rewarding.”

You will improve your running performance!

59. “I succeeded in running 4 miles after sticking with an 8 week program.”

60.“I reduced my 5k time from over 30minutes to 22:02 in less than 12 months.”

You will get experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life

61. “Still remember a time in high school when I got first place in the two mile. I started out as the worst runner and ran my way to the top by the end of the semester. Love that medal.”

You will do cool stuff!

You will be able to do cool stuff

62. “Being able to invert on the pole after a month or so of pole dancing.”

63. “Giving me something to be excited about.  Honestly I work out so I can do cool pole moves. Handspring is my current project =)”

64. “When I started I couldn’t do 1 pull-up. Now I can do 7 perfectly formed pull-ups.”

You will easily maintain your weight

65. “I maintain my weight. My physician says that walking  its good for me.”

66. “Every summer I look better and better. I keep my weight almost same for already 4 years.”

67. “My weight has not increased in the last 3 months.”

Get a new self-fulfilling career?

68. “I developed a second career as a group fitness instructor which allowed me to meet tons of wonderful people and improve their health.”

69. “I have become a pole dance instructor and now get to share my love of pole dancing with others. Also, after a life time of watching my weight, I finally need to remind myself to eat more!”

You will gain muscle

70. “I gained 20 pounds after 1++ year of exercising.”

You will gain peace of mind

71. “I feel more calm to face daily stressing events.”

72. “I have better temper.”

Let's move!! Credit: Amareta Kelly

You will feel better with yourself

73. “It helps keep me going, and not be depressingly pissed at myself for sitting on my ass all day that I’m not at work.”

You won’t have to get new clothes – your old ones will fit just fine!

74. “Fitting into my own pants again, didn’t have to go shopping.”

You will be there for those who need you

75. “My cousin was very ill and I could pick her with my arms.  This was very important for me since I understood that my health is not an issue just for myself but a way to help the people I love.

You will move more easily

76. “Increased ease of movement. Not stiff, less achy joints.”

You will discover a new love

77. “After having my horse put down i discovered a new love for a different sport to keep me happy :)”

You will reach your personal best

78.”I have toned up and looked the best I have ever looked.”

79. “It also is the only thing that gets rid of the leg and hip pain I get from sitting at the computer too long.”

You will get a good challenge

80. “Physical accomplishment… I am not a slave to the gym, but I do like to challenge myself.  I have completed 3 marathons and am now getting into triathlons.  I love a good challenge!”

You will reduce anxiety

81. “My anxiety levels have reduced 80%.”

You will get social

82. “Connection with friends and loved ones.”

83. “I met new people.”

You will improve your health after a serious health condition

84. I maintain my health after a heart attack 5 years ago.  I control my weight in combination with diet.

You will improve your mood

85. “The euphoria feeling after exercising (the runners high).”

Let's enjoy that ice-cream without guilt!

You will eat anything you want without guilt!

86. “I can eat 300 calories more every day that I work out.”

87. “One time I lost 30 pounds in 15 weeks from exercise combined with a healthy diet.  Exercise allows me to eat more and to look better.”

88. “I don’t take pounds and I am eating a lot.”

89. “I have stayed in shape and can eat what I like.”

You will improve your sleep

90. “Had a regular sleep cycle.”

You will have it all

91. “Feel healthier, make friends and have better mental and  physical performance”

92. “My body looks more fit and I am stronger. I’ve gotten rid of various small aches and pains through stretching. I’ve also converted about 8 pounds from fat to muscle (it doesn’t show in the weight but in the mirror).”

93. “-Have fun  -Don’t get easily tired  -Good break; run into many friends in the gym.”

94. “I gained flexibility, endurance, focus better, less stress.”

95. “Maintain weight with increased food consumption. Can enjoy sports and some every day activities such as biking without loosing my breath.”

96. “Lost 15+ pounds after 1 year of yoga  Slow but steady improvement in outlook, reduction in anxiety  Major increase in muscle strength.”

97. “I stay thin, I feel better, I sleep better, and I eat better when I get a lot of exercise.”

98.“It keeps my chronic headaches at bay, it gives me energy & elevates my mood.”

Exercise will make you feel like a super hero!!! Credit: Kike-X

You will feel like Superman!!!

99. “I feel indestructible when I exercise.”

100. “I feel powerful :)”

101. “I felt like Superman. I felt nothing could stop me.  I felt invincible.”

So what is the best benefit YOU have gotten from exercise? 😀

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  1. Nice list – there really are hundreds of reasons to exercise! I’m with the people near the top of this list – I exercise so I don’t become a crazy person, not to lose weight. Weight loss is just a nice added bonus!