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Do you know why you hate exercise while other people enjoy it?!

Hi, I’m Maria Brilaki, Stanford grad, best-selling author of ‘Surprisingly…Unstuck: the power of small healthy habits in a world addicted to instant results’.

My work has already helped more than 20,000 people change their habits and I’m here help you too.

The Nr. 1 mistake people who hate exercise make is believing that by forcing themselves to do it, they’ll somehow stop hating it and magically transform into the people who enjoy it.

That’s not how it works.

In fact, the more you pressure yourself to exercise, the more you’ll hate it. You may make yourself do it, but you’ll still hate the fact that you forced yourself.

You can force yourself for a short period of a couple of weeks or even months, but ultimately, you’ll give up. Because unless exercise becomes an activity that you enjoy or are at least neutral about, it’s bound to have an expiration date.

So what happens when you give up? You lose your definition, you gain the weight back, and get back to square one.

Then you start feeling guilty for not exercising, but at the same time you hate it, so it’s not as if you feel confident about starting over again. Plus you just recently quit (again.) So on the one hand you cannot start exercise again, on the other hand you feel guilty for not exercising. You feel STUCK.

You have an internal conflict:

  • Starting exercise doesn’t seem like it’ll help! You still hate it, why will it be different this time?
  • But at the same time, you know exercise is good for you and hate the fact that you don’t do what you know you should do.

So how can you resolve this conflict? How can you stop hating exercise? Is this even possible or are you bound to carry it with you for the next couple of decades of your life?

If you hate exercise, you shouldn’t go back to hour-long workouts once again (or you risk getting the same results you’ve had before.) Instead do this.

You cannot become the person who exercises daily by the sheer force of willpower or immense discipline. You’ve been there, done that, and have first-hand experience that it didn’t work.

Let’s face it. With thoughts that:

  • minimize your effort: ‘So you walked for 0.5 mile today, so what? It’s not going to make you thin!’
  • berate your body: ‘your fat is jiggling all over when you jump!’
  • judge your fitness: ‘everybody can do more pushups than you’
  • are just mean: ‘you’re embarassing yourself.’

Is it really a surprise that you hate exercise?

How can you enjoy exercise when all your mind does is sabotaging your efforts in any way it can?

That’s why I created the GPS Mind Reprogramming video class – to help make those thoughts fade and instead teach your brain how to be your biggest, most encouraging supporter, not your enemy!

  • I am learning to appreciate my body and I enjoy the way my body feels after a challenging workout. I no longer shame myself because of my size and for that I finally feel at peace with my body.
    – Krista B., Teacher & Photographer


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