The GPS Method

Your mind may tell you you’re too old, too flabby, or too whatever to get fit. It may berate you for making a mistake and skipping a workout. It may judge your body when you’re exercising.

  • “Your love handles are jiggling when you jump!”
  • “You have a hard time holding a plank, that’s how weak you are!”
  • “You will never change and your PE instructor/mother/friend/aunt will be proven right.

No wonder exercise sucks for many of us. But if you learn to think like a GPS then this problem disappears!

The GPS Method is one of the mind-training tools we use in the Exercise Bliss Course to help students’ minds go from mean to kind, transform them from enemies to encouraging best friends, and ultimately go from losing with exercise to winning, over and over!

Use the GPS method not just to succeed with health and fitness, but to succeed in ANY area of your life – in your career, your relationships, your personal goals. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

This could be you in a few weeks…

Learn more about how Loukia finally became a gym regular or about how Sarah stopped needing hardcore 30-day challenges for motivation

Are you ready to start exercising because you want to?

Stay tuned! Invitations to join will go out on Monday Nov 27th!

The Exercise Bliss Course starts on Monday. Will you join?


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