Episode 72: You don’t have to be an exercise hater. There is another way.


Hello Fitness Reloaders!

Today’s episode is is my take on exercise haters (hehe). It is inspired by the “Shit girls say” series. You may have seen a few of those videos on Youtube. It’s supposed to be funny, so please don’t get offended!


If you are currently an exercise hater, here are a few resources for you:

1.The unconventional 26-step guide to go from exercise hater to exercise addict!

2. How to get started with exercise

3. A complete workout to get started (watch this after you have read #2).

Have you ever said, or felt, one of the things I said in this episode? I certainly have! Share your experiences in the comments box below! 🙂


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  1. Thanks for this… my smile for the day.
    I think I have heard all of these things in my time as a gym instructor 🙂 Said with pretty much the same tone

    Thanks again for the smile

    would love to put this on my website, is that a possibility?

    Kindest regards