Episode 84 – Find time to work out…without having to mess with your schedule first.

find time to work out
I’m so happy and peaceful after I freed myself from this common exercise myth!

Sometimes, I just have to stop and praise the sweet heavens above that science has evolved and one of the most common exercise myths…is finally busted.

This myth holds people back. Even though they want to feel empowered, they want more energy and vitality, they want to live longer, enjoy themselves more, look good…this myth prevents them from engaging in the one thing that will get them what they want.

It prevents them from getting started with exercise.

It prevented me from getting started with exercise as well. Oh, how I wish I could go back to my younger self and dispell that myth! I would definitely be in better shape now + I would have enjoyed myself more back then!

Busting the myth that stops our dreams dead in their tracks

Do you think you need to “find time to work out”? Do you think that in order to get some exercise you need to…readjust your schedule?

If your answer to either question is yes, then you too are a victim of this myth.

Watch today’s episode to learn what the myth is about and how you too can get exercise in, without having to mess with your schedule!

The 3 steps to find time to work out & make exercise part of your daily routine…even if you have no time to do so.

Ok, so now that they myth is busted…what? You are three steps away from making exercise a daily habit. Read on.

1. Decide What to do

I suggest starting with two exercises – push-ups and squats. Those two exercises alone work each and every muscle of your body, hence just those two cover your whole body.

Pick your favorite push-up variation, and then do the same for squats. I suggest aiming for 4 sets of 10 repetitions for both of those exercises…daily: Monday through Friday.

2. Make smart rules

Now that you know what to do, you need to find a way to integrate it in your life.

We all know about those fitness DVDs that you have but never use. The DVDs tell you what to do, but integrating them into your life is a very different story. Don’t let push-ups and squats have the same luck as those fitness DVDs.

That’s what smart rules are here for. For example…

  • After I have lunch, I will do one set of squats.
  • After I come out from a meeting, I will do one set of squats and one set of push-ups.
  • After I get up, I will do my whole workout for the day.

Rules help you get organized. And since you are not going to devote much time to each chunk of exercise, you don’t need to use your calendar to schedule exercise. Good stuff, right?

3. Take action

Many of us know what we should do, but we don’t do it. Why? Because the status quo is strong and hard to turn around.

Your current momentum leads you to inactivity…because that’s what you have been doing so far. Since exercise is something new, you might encounter resistance. You know you’ve met resistance when you find yourself thinking that 5 or 10 minutes are “not enough”, “won’t do anything”, etc.

Well, 5 or 10 minutes will do wonders! Plus, the alternative that your brain is trying to push you into is to keep the status quo: do nothing.

So when you encounter resistance, ask yourself: Do I want to keep doing nothing or do I want to get fit? The answer is a no-brainer, right?

Or, try this (and click to tweet it):

When exercise excuses come along, ask: Do I want to keep doing nothing or do I want to live longer? via @FitnessReloaded

Now you are well-equipped to include more movement in your life and claim all the benefits exercise is famous about – better mood, focus, energy, vitality, strength, looks…The list is endless! March on!

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