Want to allow magic to happen? Forgive yourself.


forgive yourself
Life Lesson #5

You plan to exercise but don’t do it. You hate yourself for saying you’ll exercise, but not actually following through. You were supposed to make that phone call but you didn’t. You hate yourself for being flaky.

You did this or that. Others did you this or that.

Want to allow magic to happen? Want miracles? Forgive yourself.

  • Forgive yourself for the times you didn’t believe in you.
  • Forgive yourself for getting overwhelmed because of exercise, juggling too many things, business, or family issues.
  • Forgive yourself for spending money on things you didn’t need or for making bad investing decisions. For more on that read: “Get rich lucky bitch“, or “Money: A love story“.
  • Forgive yourself for not treating others well.
  • Forgive yourself for not treating you well.
  • Forgive  yourself for allowing others to not treat you well.

I recently discovered the power of forgiveness and I’m amazed with the results. I thought about the things that made me feel bad, and then said to myself: “I’m sorry this happened, but it’s ok, and I forgive you”.

You feel like a burden is lifted off your chest. You feel like you’re now free to create, to be unstoppable. You have a lot more space for love in your heart now. You have no baggage dragging you back.

Once I let go of the past, the canvas in front of me cleared up. I started coming up with new ideas about the future. What surge of creativity!

I’m now planning to include forgiveness in my weekly schedule. I’m not kidding! Just like we shower to remove the dirt off our bodies, why not spend a few minutes forgiving  to remove the dirt off our hearts?

After all, I did say, that 2014 is gonna be the year of “love”. There can be no space for love without forgiveness taking place.

And that’s the best way to let go of the past, and open yourself up to the future. 2014 is coming in just one day. Are you reeeeady?

Forgive yourself, open your arms to the New Year, and enjoy. Happy New Year!

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