FREE FB16 Workout

We’re starting on Monday. Are You In?

Hard to make it to your hour-long yoga or gym session? Exercising but not seeing results? I created Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes to give career-driven women a workout program that will get them the MOST results in the LEAST amount of time!

Here’s the workout I promised:

The workout here is just an example of the 12 FB16 workouts included in the program. You’ll be doing this in weeks 3&4 of the program! Keep in mind FB16 is progressive, meaning you start out from easier workouts and get harder and harder ones as the weeks go by. So this particular one is not the easiest one, but also not the most difficult – it’s somewhere in the middle.

Before you go ahead and press play, go through the Workout Breakdown to make sure you have the form and any modifications you might need – right. All FB16 workouts come with separate Workout Breakdown videos to make sure you’re safe and also adjust each workout to your own fitness level.

If you want to enjoy exercise at home, for only 16 mins, AND lose inches, achieve a toned body, and feel more energetic and stronger than ever before… Click below to join us for the FB16 Online Home Workout Program!