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What separates Fitness Reloaded from other weight loss programs

1. Calorie Deficit VS Excluding Foods

“Cut out sugar,” they say. Give up dairy. Oh no, it’s gluten you should get rid of and that’s why you’re fat!Or maybe you’ve heard about the wonders of Intermittent Fasting (IF), Keto, going vegan, or whatever the latest trend is.

Truth is many of these methods work.

Only it would be disingenuous to claim that it was the lack of sugar, lack of dairy, lack of gluten, the IF schedule, or any of those things as the reason behind your weight loss.

The cause of weight is only one and that is being on a calorie deficit. That means you’re consuming fewer calories than your body needs for maintenance.

  • By cutting down on sugar you may also be cutting down on calories…
  • By cutting down on dairy you may also be cutting down on calories…
  • By cutting down on gluten you may also be cutting down on calories…
  • By following IF you may also be cutting down on calories…

And that’s how you lose weight.
calorie deficit
In reality, you were unknowingly in a calorie deficit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re cutting down on sugar, banning foods – as long as you’re on a calorie deficit you’ll be losing weight.

And as long as you are NOT on a calorie deficit, then you won’t be losing weight.

The good news is you don’t need to restrict yourself by cutting down any food group to lose weight. You can lose weight eating whatever you want, yes that includes carbs too, as long as you’re on a calorie deficit!

Because it was never the carbs, the dairy, the gluten, or the whatever that was the problem – it was the lack of a calorie deficit why you were not losing weight.

So here at Fitness Reloaded there are no restrictions. Eat whatever you want – as long you maintain your calorie deficit.

And now you may be thinking, oh no, that sucks too! Who wants to be on a deficit? Well, at Fitness Reloaded we’ll help you like the process because, well, it’s Reloaded! We don’t do things like other people do them!

Enter the power of habits…

2. Suffering VS Habits

If all you do is put yourself on a calorie deficit, then you’re just on another diet. And if you’re just on another diet the likely results are you’ll either lose 5 or 10 lbs – because going beyond that is too restrictive and you can’t take the diet anymore – or even if you stick through it, you’re likely putting yourself at risk for rebound weight.Weight loss is all about discipline and self-control, right? Wrong! Now imagine if you were to succeed, and lose all 30, 50, or 100 lbs, without predominantly relying on self-control.Can this really be possible?

Well yeah, and that’s what we’re doing here in Fitness Reloaded. It’s why this is Reloaded. It’s why when friends ask our students what diet they followed to lose the weight they say they were not in one!

You’ll know longer have to depend on:

  • smaller portion sizes
  • cutting out dairy, carbs, sugar, etc
  • excessive cardio
  • restrictive meal plans
  • willpower

Instead you’ll succeed by:


  • eating more in a way that keeps you full with few calories
  • discovering filling dishes that help you lose weight and happily cooking them regularly
  • moving your body in a way that you like and gives you energy
  • becoming the person who no longer needs self-control to, e.g., not have cake, but instead passes on it because she didn’t want it in the first place!

And now you may be wondering, how?!

One part of it having the right knowledge. Knowledge about what to eat, what to cook, how to exercise, etc. We cover that in the program under Nutrition, Cooking, Exercise.

The other part of it is habits.

When a new habit is established it becomes your autopilot.

  • You no longer have to debate going to the gym, you are out the door already
  • You’re at a dinner party enjoying the conversation with family. There’s ton of food still on the table, you didn’t have to resort to self-control because you never to eat more in the first place!
  • It’s a weekday and you come back home and prep dinner for the family, stress-free. The ingredients were already there, you already made the beans from the day before and now you just have 30 min left to be done!
  • They offer you food and drinks when you’re no hungry. The old you would eat and drink to be polite. The new you can handle saying “no” and not overfilling yourself with calories you didn’t even need!

That’s what happens when you rewire your brain with new habits. You gradually become the person who eats healthy, moves her body, does not feel compelled to eat when she has food in front of her…

Watch the video above to see exactly how these new habits can become not something you have to think or debate with yourself, but something you just do, because it’s your second nature.

Creating those new, healthy, weight-loss producing habits WON’T be overwhelming, WON’T be a chore, instead your’ll be taking each step feeling comfortable and confident, and then gradually surprising yourself – like the client who said had a bite of a lava cake and then put it aside because she just didn’t feel like eating more.

Or the client who replaced munching on cheese and crackers after work with lifting weight at the home gym she built.

Good things can happen. But they won’t happen through willpower and self-control. You got to do it differently. You gotta RELOAD your weight loss and for that you’ll need to create new habits. Let’s review how.

3. Becoming Thin VS Becoming Badass

All the diets want to make you thin. Good for them.

Fitness Reloaded wants to make you badass. Sure, we want you to be slimmer and meet the goals you set for yourself. But also, we want you to become more throughout the process.

badass at the gym

Because in my book, it’s pretty badass to:

  • Go from feeling compelled to eat despite not being hungry to no longer having the desire
  • Lose weight without feeling like you’re depriving yourself (which is the norm)
  • Meet strength and endurance goals. People who used to avoid the stairs get to take them. People who always wished to join the fam for a hike can now go. Women afraid of weights not doing 120 lbs deadlifts.
  • Buying clothes based on size without worrying if they’ll be flattering. You just know they’ll look good!
  • Going on stage to give a presentation feeling confident, not worrying about people judging you for your size
  • Taking pictures without having to hide yourself behind other people, just enjoying the moment!
  • Feeling confident you now know how to eat to be healthy, and not being afraid of weight regain (the norm with diets).
  • Eating without guilt. Even when you’re eating not-so-healthy food. Having it, guilt-free.

At Fitness Reloaded weight loss is what brings people in, badassery is our real goal!

How The Reloaded Method Works

Weeks 1+2: Get Setup

Week 1: Complete your Lifestyle Analysis.

Complete your Lifestyle Analysis & get set up to start losing weight starting Week 2. This is where you’ll set your goal, discover how long weight loss will really take, and correctly identify the habits that have been preventing you from reaching your goal.

Week 2: Create your Weight Loss Map and start losing!

habit tracker diary
Now that you’ve done all the prep work, it’s time to calculate your calories, and then strategize the first set of habits you’ll follow to start losing weight predictably and reliably.

Track Your Food & Habits Weekly & Send us your weekly review

While most people think of tracking food as cumbersome, here in Reloaded we embrace it. If you feel this is something you can’t, or don’t want to, commit, then Fitness Reloaded is likely not for you.Tracking is an essential part of the Reloaded Method. You simply cannot improve on something unless you have good data.

I hear all the time about how people are not losing weight at 1200 cal a day, and then when you make them track their food they realize they were at 1800 cal!

People tend to overestimate calories burned from exercise and underestimate how much they are eating by about 500 cal a day!

That’s 1 lb a week you thought you’d be losing but are actually not!

But tracking is not just about calories, it’s also about your habits.

At Fitness Reloaded we track a lot of habits (even though habits tracked change from person to person and based on where they are in the program). Some examples are:

  • 30 g of fiber a day
  • Less than 10 g of saturated fat a day
  • Getting your workout done 3 times a week
  • Meal planning 2 dinners on Sunday mornings
  • Going to bed by 11 pm five days a week
  • No more than 3 glasses of wine a week

Note the numbers that you just went over, the frequency, and the days of the week are fictional – so one person may meal plan on Saturday, another on Sunday. Do not get hang up on the specifics.

If you’re about improving yourself, we’ll sure help do that. In reality, we expect you to fill out your weekly report and send over to us.

A real coach will go over it and respond to you with suggestions about how to change your habit goals for the week ahead.

Let’s go tackle badassery!

Show up on our weekly calls

We don’t just review your weekly progress. We also help you live!Just raise your hand to ask a question during our live coaching calls and you may get a chance to talk to me live and discuss your issue.

Whether you have in laws visiting, going on vacation and not know how to handle weight loss, failed to get to the gym for 3 weeks straight and don’t know why, Maria will help.

Get the right knowledge

Sometimes we fail because our information was incorrect. One client used to think she had to go running to lose weight. Well, she didn’t lose any weight until she crashed her with Fitness Reloaded.Another client was trying to “eat healthy.” Only what she thought was healthy, was not actually that healthy, and she didn’t realize until after she had started the program.

Another client thought she had to limit carbs. She did but did not lose weight (hint: she was not on a calorie deficit.)

You won’t be left out with the wrong information as a badass-in-training! We’ll give you the right information, tools, and support to help you succeed!

You’ll find the right things to do under Nutrition, Cooking, Exercise, and Mindset. That’s your knowledgebase.

No shortcuts. No quick fixes. Real results.

Will this be you?

We’d love you to join our list of successful graduates 6, 12, 18, or 24 months from now!


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