Sitting too much & too long? The Office Exercise & Stretch mobile app can help!

Office Exercise and Stretch android mobile app

When at work…

  • Do you feel stiff or have back pain?
  • Do you feel like you have no energy left?
  • Do you find it hard to concentrate and actually be productive?

Welcome to Zombie Mode my friends…

Zombie mode is when you accidentally wake up and find yourself…on Facebook (or if it’s prohibited in your office, then doing something equally mindless) and suddenly wonder…”What am I doing here? What did I do before?”

Office Exercise & Stretch android mobile app

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Zombie mode is almost unavoidable when you have to continuously sit on a chair for so many hours!

But zombie mode is NOT the only bad effect of sitting….A few other effects are…

  • Back pain
  • Postural imbalances
  • Joint problems

And finally…the effects of sitting do not end on depleting your energy and affecting your back and posture. Sitting also affects your longevity.

I was recently very disappointed to realize that sitting is an independent heart disease risk factor. Yes, just like obesity, smoking, or lack of exercise. Sitting can actually increase your heart attack chances by 54%! Oh, and the worst part is that exercise does NOT protect you from sitting too much (same way that exercise does not protect you from, e.g., smoking!).

Most people that become aware of these risks become more mindful when it comes to their sitting time. They decide that they will start standing more, or walking more when at work. However, even though most of them remember to follow up on their decision during their first week, it’s really hard to remind themselves that they need to stand up more and sit less. Thus, starting week 2 they go back to their old habits of sitting…too long and too much.

A few other solutions have already been proposed to fight sitting. A standing desk, a stability ball, or going to the company gym during work hours are some of them. However, not every employer offers these solutions to their workers.

That’s why I developed the Office Exercise & Stretch App!

The Office Exercise & Stretch app helps you remember take a break and do something worthwhile in your break like stretching or exercising.

This is how it works…

You are on your desk working on your computer…

Suddenly your phone vibrates. Oh right, it’s the reminder you have already set.

You stand up from your chair, immediately do 1-2 exercises, and then sit down and keep working.

It’s that simple!

Time Outs don’t have to be long…They can just be 30 sec. The point is to GET UP FROM THAT CHAIR!

Take a look…

Choose among 30 exercises and stretches to do at work
Choose among 30 exercises and stretches to do at work
Your back hurts? Find instant relief with this exercise.
Your back hurts? Find instant relief with this exercise.
Setting reminders to get up from the chair and do something...
Setting reminders to get up from the chair and do something…
Special feature: Track your activity
Special feature: Track your activity
Your back does not need to hurt
The Main Menu

So are you ready to fight sitting and be more active in your every-day life?

Are you ready to get rid of Zombie Mode?

Are you ready to claim more years in your life?

The Office Exercise & Stretch app will help you feel better every-day at work AND live longer.

Office Exercise & Stretch app is now out for Android phones, and you can download it in Google Play.Get it on Google Play

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