Episode 82 – How to stop being self-conscious when you are an exercise newbie.

stop being self-conscious
Feeling like EVERYONE is looking at you at the gym? Read on…

When you are just starting out with something new, and start hanging out with people who have being doing this for a while, then it’s only natural to feel self-conscious. Just like when you are getting started with exercise.

You go to a gym and suddenly find yourself not knowing what to do, surrounded by people who seem to know everything AND are quite fit!

Ahh… It’s only human to feel self-conscious.

I know this very well, because I get the self-conscious feeling every time I do something new – be it attending a yoga class, trying web design, or…snowboarding.

But I don’t have to feel that way and you don’t have to either. We have every right to be where we are. And we have a good reason for not knowing everything already – we are just getting started!

There is a good side to being a beginner – you can make almost any mistake and get away with it, because after all, hey, you are just getting started!


But if you are like me, then even though you acknowledge the good side of it, it’s still sometimes hard to stand being a beginner. You are already in a process of adjusting your habits, which is not easy, and on top of that you also worry about how you look or what others think of you. It’s draining.

It can also be embarrassing –  like when I first played squash a few months ago and I couldn’t even hit the ball when I served…Really!

I felt embarrassed and wished nobody was looking at me, yet I stuck to it, because I knew that once I became a “decent” player,  squash would transform from frustrating to fun. It was worth it!

In today’s episode I am giving you…

Two ways to handle feeling self-conscious when you are just getting started with exercise.

Which one of those two ways seems a better fit for you? Why?

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