Episode 91 – Got 30 seconds? Take a moment for you.

Fitness Reloaded episodes are usually kind of fancy…but today is different. This “take a moment for you” episode is super-simple. No fancy DSLR camera, audio recording devices, expensive backdrops, and photographer lights used. Just me taking a moment for myself…with you…using my computer’s webcam.

It’s very easy to let life keep us busy. Now is a good time to take a moment for you, just for you. Do nothing else. Just sit down and “be”. You can focus on your breath, think about what would make this day awesome, or just…be. You don’t really need to do anything to take a moment for yourself.

But be warned: Taking a moment for you may make you relax. It feels really good. Once you get started, you might actually want to take more moments like this one. You might get addicted to feeling good.

That said, let’s do this.

Hey hey…

I got an idea.

If you enjoyed taking a moment for yourself, then why not make it a habit?

You can do it after you wake up…as part of your morning routine, or after you go to bed at night as part of your evening routine. I love this idea! I think I will do it at night…as I relax myself into sleep.

What about you? Will you make taking moments for you a habit? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook.

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