Weight Loss Affirmations That Really Work: Use This Method On Any Affirmation To Get Results!

weight loss affirmations

Today we are talking about weight loss affirmations that really work, even for people who don’t believe they’re going to lose any weight and reach their weight loss goal.

If you hear weight loss affirmations (check out this list on reddit), like “everyday I’m getting thinner and thinner” or “I am going to hit my perfect weight” and you want to roll your eyes then keep reading, because repeating a statement you don’t believe won’t bring results!

If you want results, then you have to personalize your affirmations so that they really work, help you lose more weight and hit your weight loss goal.

What are some good affirmations for weight loss?

Affirmations are a popular topic with people who are into self-development and positive thinking. The problem is weight loss affirmations only work if they feel true to you. Like I said earlier, if the affirmation for weight loss does not feel true to you like “I no longer feel the need to eat ice cream or unhealthy food,” you’re like, yeah right, and eyeroll…

If that’s the affirmation, then it’s not going to work and you repeating it will only make you feel worse and will ultimately lead to a negative thought headspace. It will not make you feel any better, OK. And that is counterproductive.

Let’s talk about it today because I’m going to teach you a technique so you can come up with your own, positive affirmation or affirmations, the ones that actually work and the ones that help you move forward on your weight loss journey and hit your ideal weight.

Want to give your affirmations the very best chance of actually succeeding? Introducing the “but” technique.

I call it “the but technique”. But, b-u-t, only one “t”.

Here’s how that works. You make a statement and then after that statement, that does not feel true, then you add a “but” and then you come up with reasons, with ways to continue that sentence after the “but.” And these will be your new affirmations.

Now to explain this to you, I’ve come up with two examples to discuss today. I have them here on my phone so that I will explain to you how to use “the But technique” when it comes to weight loss affirmations.

Let’s say the affirmation is “I have the power to change my body via healthy weight loss.”

You’re like, yeah, right. As if that were actually true!

OK, so let’s say that this sentence does not feel true to you because you feel defeated with weight loss, healthy eating or negative emotions. So what that actually means, meaning what actually feels with you is “I don’t have the power to change my body.” OK, this is what you actually believe.

Now if you carry on with this belief, it’s going to be very difficult for you to lose weight and make healthy choices, because why would you even try if you don’t have the power to change your body or even start a healthy diet, why would you even try to create any better habits if you don’t have the power to change your body and achieve permanent weight loss?

But that’s what you believe and this is your starting point. So we start out with a sentence that feels true. “I don’t have the power to change my body,” but OK, that’s when the But technique comes in.

  • But “I can eat a little salad tonight,”
  • but “I can go out on a five-minute walk today.”
  • But “I have changed my life in the past. Maybe not weight loss wise, but in other ways, like with career or other family choices. So maybe it’s possible that I can change my life when it comes to health and forming a healthy habit as well.”
  • But “just because I have not succeeded so far doesn’t mean I will never actually succeed.”
  • But “I can actually clean the junk food out of my fridge and pantry this weekend and take out all the foods that really make me want to overeat and gain extra weight.

And that’s going to be one step ahead towards positive thought. I can actually do this on Saturday morning after coffee.” Write that down, but “I can also go hike with my girlfriends, not the sixty-minute difficult one, the thirty minute one.” These are just some examples.

OK, maybe you don’t need to go clean your pantry to start making healthy choices. You don’t need to clean your kitchen; you don’t need to go out and hike. But this is a demonstration of how the technique would work to create positive weight loss affirmations.

So you take out a negative statement, one that stops you from making progress, and then you add a “but”, and then you come up with reasons that will soften it because now you don’t have the power to change your body. Really? You just came up with a number of ways that could affect your body and make a positive change.

And also, you come up with ideas about things you can actually do. So, this was the the But Technique in action.

Master The But Technique and Change your mentality from destructive to constructive!

Now, let’s move on to example number two. Let’s say the affirmation you’re hearing is:

“I love my body in the mirror and I love how I look, even if i have a little excess weight or body fat.”

And the recording goes like because usually those affirmations, they have this relaxing music in the background and says, “I love my body. I love looking myself in the mirror.” This is a positive mindset.

But in reality, for you, when you look yourself in the mirror, you want to cry, maybe because of that little bit of extra fat or uncontrollable binge eating.

I look myself in the mirror and I want to cry.

This is your starting point

Let’s assume that this is your starting point. Demonstration of the But technique.

  • But I can wear cuter clothes, more colorful and more flattering,
  • but I can put on some nice jewelry,
  • but I can pull my hair up in a way that makes my eyes pop.
  • But I don’t have to love my current appearance in order to make progress.
  • But just because I’m not happy with my appearance right now doesn’t mean it would always be like this.
  • But it’s possible that my perception of myself is different than the perception others have of me.

My perception of myself is only a perception, it’s not necessarily objective reality, but I can take steps to change my body for the better, but I can get fitter, but I can start going to the gym, but I can prepare my favorite healthy tacos to bring at work tomorrow, but I can make healthy food choices.

Here’s how you would use the But Technique when it comes to weight loss affirmations

Step 1: You hear “weight loss affirmation” and that makes you want to roll your eyes. You take this affirmation and you actually define what is the statement that you actually believe.

OK, so let’s say I’m getting thinner and thinner every day. If you don’t believe that, what you actually believe is, let’s say, I’m getting fatter and fatter every day or I’m not getting anything thinner.

So what is it that you believe? What is that statement? Now, that statement prohibits you from making progress and achieving successful weight loss. So, your goal is to weaken it because usually it’s not even true. I mean, this is just something you believe. But just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. Just because you believe you can’t change your body, doesn’t actually mean you can’t change your body, or even a bad eating habit.

Step 2: So, you take that statement that feels true and that’s also prohibiting your progress and then you add a “but.”

But then after this but, you’re going to create a list of reasons to follow that statement with. And then when you read them all together, you realize that your first statement is like it was a very shaky statement and a lot of holes into it. And that was your belief. But it was not exactly accurate in reality. And this way you help weaken that negative perception in your subconscious mind that was holding you back and start to develop a healthy relationship with yourself. OK, and those bad statements become your new affirmations.

Step 3: Put it all together

I don’t have the power to change my body, but I’m not so sure about that anymore. Maybe I can change my body and now after doing this exercise or eating healthy food, I’m like maybe I can change my body. I think I can achieve weight loss success with a proper weight loss program.

I think it’s possible to control my weight gain. I think I can take some steps to change my body and develop a healthy eating habit. I’m not sure I can change it to the degree that I would like to change it. But there’s no doubt that I can make change happen now and try to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

How much change? Well, time will tell. How about we get started and try to not use negative emotions? We will get going and see how far we can go and try to hit our ideal body weight or desired weight. I hope you enjoyed this article about weight loss affirmations.

It’s very important to affirm the things that you believe and create a daily affirmation, because affirming things we don’t believe will only make you feel worse. So if you’re saying positive affirmations and those affirmations make you feel worse, it’s because you don’t believe in them, sign, that’s your cue to go apply the But technique on that.

So then you can come up with positive weight loss affirmations that actually feel true or so that you prepare yourself to actually be able to say that original affirmation and believe it, because you’ve gone through the But technique and you have a better view of reality because you went through the But technique.

You’re not as biased as you were before. You’re not just seeing one tree. You’re seeing the forest, as you allow your mind to expand and see beyond your original perception. If you like this blog, please consider the free trial, or subscribing, so you get more information like that. They help you lose weight and change your life for the better, improve the quality of your life.

Thanks a million for reading and I’ll see you again next time.

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