30-Minute Morning Yoga Sequence: ‘Say Hello.’ (video)

30-minute Morning Yoga Sequence

Welcome back to Yoga Fusion! Today we’re saying hello to the new day with this 30-minute morning yoga sequence!

And we’re going to be doing it all: we’ll work our legs, our core, our balance, we’ll stretch, and we’ll even give ourselves a massage!

What? A massage in a workout video? What better way to start the day my friend?

30-Minute Morning Yoga Sequence: Say hello!

Every day brings something new. Today’s intention is to “say hello” to whatever comes our way. Say hello to new opportunities, to new inspiration and ideas, but also say hello to undesirable events. Instead of getting armed, be in the present and address everything as it comes, one step at a time.

There are too many reasons why exercise is important (even if you don’t lose weight), so making exercise a habit, and especially adopting a 30-minute yoga routine like the one in today’s video will do wonders for your body.

This 30-minute morning yoga sequence will give you a full body workout while also working your balance.

Today’s morning yoga routine invites us to greet the day.

Say hello to the possibilities of a new day, think about what we’re looking to accomplish or how we want to feel, and most importantly be present. When a situation arises stay in the moment – don’t let the monkey mind take over. Say hello, be calm, and you’ll have a clear mind and be at the best of your ability to make the most of your day!

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So if you’re ready, let’s do it!


  • All levels, let’s ease into the day

Modifications are shown within the 30-minute morning yoga sequence video.

Equipment needed:

  • Yoga mat

Come on, get your yoga mat out, and let’s ease into the day together!

And here are some cool snapshots from today’s morning yoga sequence:

(don’t worry, modifications are shown too!)

This is part of our warm-up. Let’s get some heat in the belly 🙂

Lift knees - Morning Yoga Routine
Now let’s twist our hips:

Twist - Morning Yoga Sequence

Who wants to get into a Warrior II?

Warrior II - Morning Yoga Sequence

Whaaaat? Massage time in the morning? Yay!

Massage - Morning Yoga Routine

And let’s get into C-Abs (this is Flat Belly Firm Butt terminology.) Ok, boat pose I meant:

C-abs oblique - Morning Yoga Routine

And on a different note, if you’re on Pinterest, make sure you follow Fitness Reloaded:

30-min Morning Yoga Routine pinterest

How did you like this morning yoga sequence? Leave a comment below.

P.S. You’ll find more free yoga videos here.

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