Episode 89 – Is your back straight? A simple technique to check whether you have kyphosis or not.

A few weeks ago I would have responded to this question with a big YES! But then I learned this simple kyphosis check, and to my disappointment, I discovered that I too have a rounded upper back.

You see all those hours of daily slouching, sitting in front of my computer, take their toll.

In today’s episode I am showing you the simple kyphosis check that opened my eyes, so you can see for yourself just how straight your back is!

If the difference between those two spots is 1 in or less, then I wouldn’t worry. But if it’s more then, I’d go check this with my doctor.

If you suspect you might have kyphosis:

Don’t get discouraged. Most of us in the Western World don’t have a perfect posture, because we spend all this time sitting and slouching.

Here is what you can to get back into having a straight posture:

1. Daily – teach yourself to slouch a little less, and sit straight a little more. Honestly, all the exercises in the world won’t help you if you keep having the same bad habits that created the kyphosis in the first place.

2. Daily – do this upper back release technique. It will greatly help your upper back muscles open up.

3. Three times a week or more – do the best posture exercise ever. It’s perfect for your upper back and for people who sit too long. Make sure you do it right.

Really interested in having a straight posture?

Check this episode for a super simple technique to check whether your shoulders are rounded or not. It’s a quick hack to straighten your posture after a few hours of continuous sitting…

Want more?

Check out whether your exercise program accidentally…ruins your posture.

Was your back straight? I’d love to know! Find me on Twitter or Facebook.

P.S. The spot I’m talking about on the video is the spinous process of C7 or T1 on your spine. Check this anatomy picture to orient yourself. 

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