THIS workout program, you’d feel bummed if you couldn’t do again

The best home workout program. The one you’d gladly do again and again, and the one that you’d feel BUMMED if you could not do it again. What would it be?

best home workout program
My smile after I discovered this one workout!

I went on a quest to find the best home workout program for myself.

The problem?

I was exercising 5 times a week but my body and fitness level would not really changing. I was giving in too much, but getting back too little.

best home workout program

I got digging:

  • Why was I doing some DVDs repeatedly, while some others I’d only do a couple of times?
  • Why would I do difficult HIIT workouts together with my husband, but I’d almost never do them on my own?
  • And most importantly, what would the best home workout program be for me? What would a workout need to have to make me want to do it again and again and give me results at the same time?

The elements of the “perfect” workout started emerging. Watch the video to learn what I did after I realized that no workout I had ever tried was good enough to make me want to come back to it again and again AND also give me the results I wanted.

The best home workout program criteria

The perfect workout is instantly available. You don’t need to be somewhere at a specific time and date to do it. It’s just there for you.

The perfect workout is effective. Multiple workouts have “effective” exercises out there, but they combine them with so many “filler” ones. You end up getting too little in return for your efforts. Other workouts are full of breaks, unnecessarily wasting your time.

The best home workout program, though, is “condensed”: it gets a lot done in a short amount of time. It doesn’t waste two or three minutes between exercises. It doesn’t let you cheat by doing less than what you’re capable of. The perfect workout pushes you further and further.

The perfect workout hits the “variety sweet spot.” You don’t do the same movement again and again, repetition after repetition, until seven minutes later your muscles can’t take it anymore. You don’t repeat a round of exercises four or five times.

At the same time, you don’t do completely different exercises each time, and hence avoid getting lost and feeling frustrated because of the the learning curve. Instead, the perfect workout has the perfect combo between new and old exercises.

The perfect workout works the whole body. It’s not just about abs, or arms, or legs. It’s not about strength training or cardio. It’s about everything.

And finally, the perfect workout is fun. It’s not boring, it does not include you looking at the clock and sighing as you realize that you’ve only done the first ten minutes. It does not make you do the same, boring moves for an hour.

Instead, it makes you feel like times passes fast! Before you know it, it’s already over! You had such a good time, you didn’t even notice how fast time went by!

Since the “perfect workout” was not yet out there, I decided I had to scratch my own itch. These are exactly the criteria that I used to create the “Flat Belly, Firm Butt in 16 minutes” 8-week video workout program. And yes, here are my results in video!

FB16 is my own best home workout program and I’m delighted to be sharing it with you. Sign up today.

So now let me ask you: Have you found a workout that is so good, you want to do it again and again AND brings significant change to your body? Leave a comment on Facebook.

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