THESE results after 3 months of exercising…less?

Drop the scale. This is how you measure weight loss progress accurately.
Those jeans could hardly button. 3 months later they don’t just button – I can easily fit 2 arms in them!

Most people measure their progress by using the number on the scale. However, here at Fitness Reloaded, and in Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes, this can be a very misleading metric. The scale is not to be trusted for tracking weight loss progress.

When you’re exercising you are building muscle. Muscle takes less space than fat. For example, if you could hold one pound of muscle and one pound of fat, fat would have more volume than muscle.

And that’s why when you work out, inches might be lost, even though your weight might have not changed.

If you only depend on the scale, then you won’t know that you’re making progress. You’ll be stressing over your lack of progress without realizing you’re doing awesome!

I’ve personally experienced this multiple times. When I got started with FB16, I felt as if I was a piece of clothing that was put in the washing machine and came out one size smaller!

Even though my weight stayed the same, I had lost multiple inches from both my belly and hips.

I shrunk because I was building muscle—and burned some fat. I had less jiggly stuff going around and also developed more lean muscle.

The weight on the scale stayed the same, as muscle weighs more than fat. Still, because I had built muscle and shed the jiggly stuff, my jean size dropped—and I slipped into my tightest jeans smoothly (more on this later).

Drop the scale, grab your tightest jeans!

Introducing the Jeans Test: by far my favorite exercise progress metric! It’s the most fun!

You know those pants you’d like to fit into with ease, but are now too tight? Those pants that either don’t go up at all, or they do get up but you need to lie down on your bed and fight with the zipper until you finish the job?

Well, that’s the pair of pants that qualifies for the Jeans Test. Watch me in this video perform the Jeans Test live and show you my results after 3 months of exercising with FB16!

So yes, any fabric is okay, it doesn’t have to be jeans. Here’s how it works. Put on your bathing suit. Now wear those pants as best as you can.

Now, if they don’t fit and you can only pull them up to your mid-thighs, that’s all right. If you can lift them up but you cannot button them up, that’s all right.

Now bring your camera. Take a picture. This is your “before” Jeans Test picture. Congrats, I’m really excited about what you’ll be feeling when a few weeks later you’ll be comparing this picture to your “after” picture!

You may think nothing has really changed but once you put those pictures side-by-side the difference stands out. That’s the objective view of reality I want you to have.

Here’re my results after completing the FB16 home workout program:

before after fb16
Before FB16 – After FB16. This is what exercising 3 times a week for just 16 minutes (or exercising less than before) did to my body!

This is me wearing my tightest jeans after I graduated from the FB16 video program. At the time, if I wanted to, I could actually fit two arms inside my pants.

Now these pants I had had a hard time buttoning a couple of months earlier when I was starting the program!

Before FB16 I was exercising more. Throughout FB16 my regular one-hour gym workouts became 16-minute HIIT workouts following the FB16 program. And suddenly I got results. Voila!

Shakira said her hips didn’t lie, and your pants are not going to lie either. Even if the scale seems stuck, the pants will tell the truth.

And even if you think there was not really a significant difference between your before and after photos, when you put those pictures side by side, you’ll start seeing definition you had not noticed before.

These changes didn’t happen overnight; they happened gradually, so it’s only normal to get used to them and underestimate how different your body really is.

But the underestimation will be over once you put those pictures next to each other. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the change that is going to happen in your body and take the Jeans Test!

Now, if you want to get these results by exercising for just 16 minutes, then join the Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes home workout program today to get started asap!

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