This 15-min morning routine will make every day a success.

best morning routine
How do you feel “yeeees!” all throughout the day? Make it happen with this 15-min morning routine!

“You can tell a good day from the morning”

– Greek proverb

How are your mornings? Are they rushed? Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work in front of you? Bored?

The right morning routine can set you up for non-stop success throughout the day. Whether that is getting things done, talking with the right people, or just getting your workout in, a solid morning routine can make sure you’ll be unstoppable, never make excuses, make things happen, and have a day that you’ll feel proud of when the evening comes.

But that is not all – A good morning routine can also provide the perfect opportunity to practice confidence.

Yes, you read that right, practice confidence.

In my last video we discussed self-fulfilling prophecies: how you get the results you believe you’ll get, and how you’re sabotaging your efforts if you strive to get something…that you don’t believe you can get.

If you believe that it’s pointless to, e.g., try to lose weight, then even if you go for it and not procrastinate indefinitely, you’ll be eager to give up with any obstacle that shows up – no matter how small. Why? Because “you knew it was pointless”!

The question though is how do you believe you can do something when you currently not believe in it?

The answer to this question is the same as the answer to another question: How do I make every day a sequence of wins? How do I end every day feeling proud of the day that is just coming to an end?

And yes, both answers can be residing in your morning routine. You see…

The way you build your mornings is the way you build your days. (click to tweet)

Learn the best morning routine you could ever have in this video.

Introducing Mental Workouts: The best morning routine that sets up the day for non-stop success!

No, we are not talking about solving puzzles to give your brain a mental workout. We’re talking about rewiring your brain to believe in you, believe you can do anything you set out to so, and make sure you actually take the right action to make it happen!

No more time wasted taking actions that lead nowhere; trying diets that don’t bring results, talking to “famous people” who blow you off, going to interviews for jobs you could win – but don’t have the confidence to do so.

When you make mental workouts part of your daily routine, noone will be able to stop you. Your success will be inevitable. And it all starts by making every day a success.

Here’s how it works:

Warm-up: List 3 successes of the day before. (30 seconds)

The warm-up segment is one of those ridiculously small and sneaky habits that can make a huge impact on how you feel about yourself. It’ll improve your mood and it’ll actively force you to value yourself more. I believe we can never have enough confidence – and no I’m not talking about arrogance, that’s not confidence, it’s insecurity.

I’m talking about the type of confidence when you know who you are, stand on your own feet, and are ready to tackle anything that comes your way. The type of confidence that you feel when you dream about what you want, but don’t cringe, instead you feel enthusiastic about getting there.

And you can get all that with this 30-second warm-up! The successes you list can be big or small, anything counts. The key though is consistency. Don’t expect to do this just once and then notice miracles. Do this daily, and then you’ll notice miracles.

Main workout: Look at your calendar and calibrate your attitude. (10-15 minutes)

Now that you already feel even better about yourself, it’s time to look at your calendar. Do today’s tasks seem exciting or are they boring? Maybe they’re scary? Maybe they just don’t feel good?

Notice those feelings, because they predict the type of results you’ll get.

Again self-fulfilling prophecy – if you don’t believe you can do it and hence, cringe when you think of it, then you’ll probably not succeed and you’ll have wasted your time and effort.

Let’s face it: “Half-hearted effort gives you half-hearted results.” (click to tweet) 

But that’s not what we want. We want a day of success. We want full-hearted effort and full-hearted results!

Yet, you cannot give your full-hearted effort when you see your tasks and cringe at what you have to do.

In this case you have two options:

  • Change tasks: Maybe you don’t really want to network with X, and Y. But you’d be delighted to talk to A and B. Make that change! Or you hate the idea of spinning class, but would love to do yoga. Do yoga, duh!
  • Feel good about what it is you have to do: You want to ask for a raise, but you’re scared. How do you change how you feel?

Watch the video above to learn more about mental workouts in detail. We cover more on how to change how you feel in Dream Life –  a 30-day course to get ahead in business and in life in 10 minutes a day! Subscribe below to make sure you’ll get notified when the course gets released!

In the meantime, devote 30-seconds right now and do the warm-up. What are three successes from yesterday? Give yourself a pat on the back!

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