No-Oil Black Beans and Cumin Quinoa.

Are you the kind who wants to make a big batch of food that can give you your fix of carbs, veggies, and fiber in one serving and you’re good to go?

I know I am. Our goal here at Fitness Reloaded is to eat as much home-cooked food as possible, doing as little cooking as possible.

So cooking big quantities helps!

In addition, we’re all about fiber, because fiber is critical when it comes to being able to eat fewer calories, yet not feel hungry. Oh, and it helps you live longer too.

That’s why we recommend our clients start incorporating more legumes into their diet.

Legumes are great way to add a ton of fiber to your meals without compromising on flavor or volume. The black beans I used in this recipe require soaking overnight before they can be boiled and used the next morning, so ensure you plan ahead a little by logging the meal into your meal planner or setting an alarm.

Alternatively, you could use canned black beans, but these don’t taste as well. If you have a pressure cooker, you can skip on the soaking and just use your cooker’s bean setting for 30 min.

I would suggest making it a habit to soak one variety of beans every Friday or Saturday and you are set for the rest of the week!

Here’s how you make no-oil black beans and quinoa:

How easy or difficult was this recipe to make? Let me know in the comments below!


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