Your First Weight Loss Habits Plan: The 7 Habits To Lose Up To 20 Lbs With Calorie Investing

Welcome to Fitness Reloaded! Let’s waste no more time and get started with applying Calorie Investing so that you lose a lot of weight and become Weightproof, i.e., not gain any weight despite eating whatever you want.

Becoming Weightproof in this day and age when the environment is constantly enticing you with opportunities to get fat is a privilege only few people get to enjoy.

But by doing the work I show you in Calorie Investing, and working on your Habit Diary weekly, you WILL lose a lot of weight, without being hungry or feeling deprived, build a brand new lifestyle that makes you healthy, happy, and light on your feet, and you will be able to eat anything without guilt and without worrying it’s going straight to your hips or belly and about how you need to go on another diet.

This course will show you:

  • The real cause behind fat loss.
  • What habits to add to your Habit Diary as a beginner with Calorie Investing. We address over 25 habits at Fitness Reloaded, but when you’re just getting joining the program you’ll start with (small) version of the “Reloaded 7.”
  • How to use your Habit Diary on a weekly basis to add, remove, or adjust habits.
  • How to create a Weight Loss System that works for YOU so that you address losing weight from all angles: nutrition, cooking, recipes, meal planning, exercise, etc.
  • What habits to NOT pay attention to when you get started.
  • How to determine how much weight you should be losing each week.
  • How many calories you should be eating.
  • What habits to NOT add on your Habit Diary as a Calorie Investing beginner.

The Reloaded 7 alone can help lose the first 20 lbs! Remember this is you starting to design your brand NEW lifestyle, that’ll help you become Weightproof.

It’s best to go through the Calorie Investing course first and then come here to learn how to apply it, or you can do both at the same time if you prefer that.

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how to use your habit diary each week to lose a lot of weight
YOUR FIRST WEIGHT LOSS HABITS PLAN: add these 7 habits to your habit diary
You have setup your Habit Diary! Here's what's next:
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  • 10 Topics