Weightproof: The 3 steps to a slimming lifestyle that repels fat gain

I like pastries, I like chocolate, and I sometimes like overeating! I’ve also lost 60 lbs without suffering, without banning foods, and without excessive exercise. I’m keeping a slim figure as a mom & entrepreneur, despite not having weighed myself in 3 years, simply because I’m too busy to change the battery in my scale.

  • I can go to a cafe with my girlfriends and eat anything I want, while I watch them try to limit themselves to a bit of black coffee and half a cookie!
  • I love to overeat during the holidays, but never need to go on a diet after that.
  • While everyone around me is gaining weight as they grow older, I am weightproof. And I teach my clients to do the same.

If you want to know the 3 steps to not just lose weight, but create a lifestyle that shields you from weight gain, then take this course!

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