Episode 64: How to correct your posture after sitting too much.

The Christmas weekend is up and I know you are all still in lazy mode… I bet you had a very good time just sitting and eating for hours 😉

I am also sure you didn’t notice whether your sitting posture was correct or not…(and this is OK that you did so, I don’t do it either 🙂 )

However, I am sure that you are aware of the effects of bad sitting: bad posture!

Well, I want you to enter 2012 with a straight back, being tall and looking ahead towards your wonderful future! In today’s episode I am teaching you how to quickly check whether your posture is right or wrong and if wrong, then how to fix it!

Bad posture check: Where are your palms facing to?

Is there something wrong with my posture in this picture?

So what do you think? Is there something wrong in the above picture?



Ok, I will reveal it.

The posture is wrong because my palms are facing to the back instead of facing the sides of my body. This happened because my shoulders were rotated. It’s a common result of too much sitting in a bad posture.

This is a good posture. My palms are facing towards the sides of my body.


This is how it would look like from the side:

Side View of Bad Posture
Side View of Bad Posture
Side View of Good Posture
Side View of Good Posture

Notice how my palms face different directions as my posture changes from bad to good.

How to straighten your posture

The secret to fixing your posture after sitting for too long is simple: Just rotate your shoulders backwards!

That’s it! Now your palms should be facing the sides of your body. Try it!

Not sure how to rotate your shoulders? Watch the video for detailed instructions.


Hard to keep the right posture for more than 1 minute?

If you find that you naturally tend to fall back into the bad posture position, then you may need to do a couple of posture exercises.These exercises will help you maintain the good posture and avoid the bad one!

The best posture exercise I have found are in this video. Don’t worry if you don’t have a mop-stick, you can just do them without weights. Just make sure you do 30 repetitions of each exercise so that you actually feel the exercise.

Doing just one of the above exercises will help you maintain your right posture without difficulty!

 Did that?


Don’t you just feel great when your posture is straight?!

You do, and you are so excited for learning today’s quick posture check that you can’t wait to share it with your friends on facebook, twitter, etc.

Thanks! 😀

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