Episode 61: How to lose fat – The unconventional approach.

Ok guys.. It’s time to be honest.

I know you want to lose that fat from your thighs or that fat from your belly…Or, if only you could re-arrange it? E.g., take some fat from your belly and spread it throughout the body?

Oh that would be great.

Except it’s impossible.

Unfortunately losing fat is not particularly easy

  1. Dieting is hard.
  2. You cannot tell your body from where to lose fat.
  3. You cannot tell your body where to store fat.

However, there may be an alternative, slightly unconventional way to look better, even though you have a big belly/fat thighs/big butts…Ask yourself:

How can I look better without having to lose fat?

In this video I am sharing with you my secret to improve your looks without actually having to lose any fat at all! No dieting!

How is that? By achieving a more proportionate body…

Let me explain 🙂

I have a classic mediterranean type body, i.e., slim waist and big hips. When I first started exercising, I did what the rest of the Greek women were doing: exercises for my legs and butt.

However, I soon realized that targeting the “problem areas” was not the most effective answer to better looks. Contrary, focusing on other body parts was!

At the time by upper body was really weak, just bones and no muscle. It was narrow too. By targeting my back, shoulder, and chest…:

I made my upper body grow, opening my back and chest. This enhanced the proportions on my body: My hips just stopped looking as big anymore!

In addition, I also:

  • Strengthened my upper body making it look better (I was suddenly receiving compliments!)
  • Improved my posture and was walking straighter.

Thus, by not focusing on my “problem areas”, I improved my looks in three ways:

  1. Looked more proportionate. My hips still had the same size but were now in proportion.
  2. Looked taller as I improved my posture.
  3. Had better looking shoulders.

I could have never achieved that if I stayed focused on lower body workouts. Even though I would have toned up my lower body, the results wouldn’t be as apparent as by exercising my upper body.

Thus, once I achieved the above results, I started including lower body exercises back to my workout routines.

You too, can use this strategy to “hide your belly fat”, or make your thighs look smaller.

So what is your own problem area? How do you plan to “attack” it? 😉

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