Episode 58: How to workout when you don’t have enough time to exercise.

Most of us have a weekly workout schedule. We are at least “supposed” to follow it….You see, life is quite unpredictable and it’s just natural that sometimes we won’t be able to make it and stick to our schedule.

Like that time when you had to stay longer at work…

Like that time when you didn’t listen to your alarm clock and didn’t wake up early enough…

Like that time when you realized you had to run for another errand you had totally forgotten about…

What do you do in those cases? Do you just skip your workout?

Well, this is what most of us do. And here are the consequences…:

  1. Working out would have given you a jolt of energy. You miss this extra energy and feeling of well-being by skipping your exercise.
  2. Skipping your exercise will probably leave you feeling guilty, especially if you have done it a couple of times in a row…
  3. Working out would have kept your fitness momentum intact. Growing your momentum is important, as the more momentum you have, the more y feel the urge to exercise, and the easier you find it to exercise. Skipping work outs makes your momentum decrease

Ok, so my guess is you didn’t want to to get all those bad consequences. You are probably thinking… “But there was no way to do my workout, I just didn’t have enough time..!”

Well maybe you had enough time…for a back up workout!

What is a back up workout (or, your plan B)?

It’s a workout that you in special occasions when you need to miss your primary workout.

It is…

  1. Short in duration. E.g., if your normal workout is 1 hour, your back up workout can be 15 min.
  2. Location independent. E.g., you can do it from home, so that you don’t need to lose any extra time getting to a fitness studio and back.
  3. Equipment free, so that you can really do it easily without needing extra preparation.

Believe it or not, doing a quick workout will help you avoid all three of the bad consequences mentioned above. In other words…

  1. You will feel more energized when you are done.
  2. You won’t feel guilty. Contrary, you will feel satisfied with yourself.
  3. You will keep your fitness momentum 🙂

However, to have an effective plan B, you need to spend 5 minutes now and design it, so that when the occasion arises and you actually need to use it, you will already know what to do.

My back-up workout has 2 types of squats, push-ups, tricep dips, lunges, and planks.

How is yours? 🙂

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