Episode 32: 7 travel stretches to do when flying!

Stretch at the airport

Hello Everyone!

It’s traveling week here at Fitness Reloaded and as promised I am following up with another awesome video, but with stretches that you can do at the airport or at the airplane this time!

If  you have a long flight ahead of you and don’t want to become stiff, then watch this video is for you! All stretches shown can be done from your airplane seat or from the airport chair!!!

Workout Breakdown

1. Roll your head


Roll your head to stretch your neck

2. Classic shoulders’ stretch


travel stretches
Classic stretch for your shoulders

3. Arms and sides stretch: Your fingers are tied!


Arms and sides stretch!

4. One more upper body stretch


Upper body stretch

5. Stretch your hips


Hip stretch at the airport
Press your right knee down to get a stretch for your right hip. repeat with other leg…

6. Stretch your upper back


Upper back stretch airport
One more classic stretch for your upper back and forearms

7. Stretch your hamstrings: This stretch is probably the one that attracts the most attention from your fellow flyers. If you are comfortable doing it then go ahead! 🙂 I promise you it will feel good!

Hamstring stretch airport
Hamstrings stretch

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