Your time to vote: Which Exercise Bliss logo do you like the most?

The sun exercise bliss logo

I am starting a new service called Exercise Bliss. It’s meant to help people who wish they exercised more but haven’t yet found a way to include regular exercise in their lives.

The service is not based on guilting people, or whipping them to do more. On the contrary, it’s based on nurturing them, encouraging kindness, and finally…successfully making exercise a habit.

So I need your help. I have two logo ideas for Exercise Bliss, and don’t know which one to choose. I would love to know what you think.

Here is “the sun” Exercise Bliss logo:

The sun exercise bliss logo

Here is “the figure” exercise bliss logo:

The figure exercise bliss logo

Now that you’ve seen both, it’s your chance to cast a vote: The sun or the figure?

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