Why you’re not lazy if you don’t already exercise.

When I graduated from Stanford Engineering, and realized I had gained 15 pounds, I knew I had to stop being such a lazy exerciser.

I totally didn’t expect what I’d discover.

My initial plan was straightforward: I would just push myself more. I would make myself get off the couch and actually go to the gym. Why could I not “just do it”? This time I would make it happen!

It all came down to self-discipline, or so I thought. What I didn’t know was that discipline is the one thing you should strategically AVOID when it comes to long-term goals.

Let me explain. Discipline does work when you, e.g., need to pull all-nighters at work for a week –  a short-term goal.

But discipline doesn’t work when you want to do something for the next 20, 30, or 60 years of your life.

And what I wanted, was not to just exercise for a couple of months, only to lose the weight, and then stop — and inevitably gain all the weight back.

What I wanted was to become the person who has a daily healthy routine, and follows it religiously. I wanted to still exercise when I’d become 80 or 90 years old.

Had I actually followed my initial plan, and tried applying self-discipline to stop “being so lazy,” then I’d have actually failed to stick with exercise for longer than a week, or a month. By now, I’d have gained even more weight, and I’d feel guilty for being lazy.

Compare this to what actually happened: I’m still exercising daily 6 years later. I painlessly lost the weight. For the first time in my life, I got to see my abs. And all this happened, while strategically avoiding discipline.

But what else can you do? If you can’t pressure, or make yourself exercise, if you can’t discipline yourself to do it, then what do you do instead?

Watch this video to learn the one and only cure for lazy exercisers. No punishment required.

This could be you in a few weeks…

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