Meet Cathy: How To Start Exercise When You Hate It – At 57.

how to start exercise when you hate it

cathy hates exercise

Cathy B., Retired, USA

Cathy: “I’m walking everyday. I’m jogging! Can you believe that?”

The 57-year-old grandma who hated exercise for DECADES yet now exceeds the daily recommended 30 minutes of exercise because she loves it!

At a glance

  • About Cathy:

    At 57, Cathy hated exercise. She had spent her adult life yo-yo dieting and felt like she had wasted money on weight loss programs and gym memberships. Would it be different with Exercise Bliss?

  • How she used Exercise Bliss:

    Cathy followed the Exercise Bliss program step-by-step. She surprised everyone when already a month into the program she was going more exercise than what the program indicated!

  • Results:

    Cathy now exercises regularly because she enjoys it and – an additional perk – eats healthier because she wants to. She feels peace in her mind, appreciation for having made that change, and thoroughly enjoys her new healthier lifestyle.

She wanted to exercise but hated it at the same time.

“I want to be around for those grandbabies…”

Cathy is a 57-years-young grandmother who hated exercise. She spent her entire adult life yo-yo dieting, wasting her money on weight loss programs and paying for gym memberships but not following through. Though she had no health issues, she lacked self confidence. She called herself a “hopeless couch potato,” and berated herself for not exercising. In essence, Cathy was motivated to make changes so she could be around for her grandchildren.

“I was stuck mentally in a bad place with even the thought of exercise. It just didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth.”

healthy habits book

She first discovered Exercise Bliss by reading Maria’s best-selling book “Surprisingly…Unstuck: The Power of Small Healthy Habits, in a World of Instant Results.

She loved the book! It was the catalyst she needed for change. Cathy realized she needed the structured program Exercise Bliss offered. Most of all, she needed the support in changing her habits and attitudes towards exercise. This was an investment she needed to make.

Couch potato? Here’s how to start exercise when you hate it.

A month into the program, before even graduating from Exercise Bliss, Cathy was already doing MORE than the recommended Exercise Bliss workouts. Not because someone was pressuring her to do it, but because she wanted to do it!

exercise bliss reviews

Cathy was not just doing the recommended Exercise Bliss workouts, she was doing double the amount! And then she took up jogging! And then she started eating more fruits and vegetables because she “wanted to treat her body right.”

No really, who would have thought that all this would happen by just starting with 2 wall pushups?

Her initial hesitations

Cathy was apprehensive about the cost. She was also doubting herself? Would this work? Because, you know, she had plenty of experience with trying programs that didn’t work.

“I wanted so much for this to work, but was afraid. Will this work for me?”

“It took me about a week and half before signing up. For me all the other things like gym memberships or weight loss memberships had not worked. When I put into perspective that I am 57 years young and in need of a change for me and the fact that it was about habits not willpower….I was ready!”

She had tried many other programs in the past. Why would Exercise Bliss be any different? This is what Cathy said after she took the leap.

I bit the bullet, and I’d do it all again real quick because I’m excited to be here!

How to start exercise when you hate it: How Cathy succeeded

Cathy began her program by anchoring her new habits to daily habits she already had. She credits her progress to three main components of Exercise Bliss: how easy it is, the use of the Habit Journal, and the mindset change from all-or-nothing to being content with small steps.

  • Exercise Bliss is easy.

    First of all, Cathy was amazed at how easy Exercise Bliss was. She explains the small steps she took in the first weeks to implement her life-changing habits: “Who doesn’t have 2 reps? Who doesn’t have 2 minutes?” As a result, she continued to progress and utilized the personalized support system Maria offered on Exercise Bliss.

    “I love that it doesn’t require willpower! It’s about creating a habit.”


  • The Habit Journal

    Through her journey of Exercise Bliss, Cathy stayed focused and overcame obstacles by using her journal. Due to having this valuable tool next to her exercise mat, she anchored her exercise habit to journaling. “I love my habit journal,” she says. “I use my EB journal everyday and I listen and re-listen taking notes on topics like how willpower doesn’t work and why.”

  • No more “all-or-nothing” mindset.

    “It’s not about actual exercise anymore,” Cathy says. “You took the pressure off doing exercise and put focus on doing a habit.”

    Prior to Exercise Bliss, Cathy had an “all or nothing” approach towards most things in life. That didn’t stop her from succeeding with Exercise Bliss. Rather, it made the program work for her – especially in the beginning. She started out with what she calls “ridiculously small steps” in the program.

Her Results

Before Exercise Bliss, Cathy didn’t think she could even do a floor exercise. Now, she loves them. In fact, she now exceeds the amount of exercise recommended by Exercise Bliss. By week 5 of the 8-week program, she would complete an extra workout video, adding a 30-minute walk after completing her exercises. Furthermore, her love of exercise continued to grow. “I’m walking everyday. I’m jogging! I’m jogging, can you believe that?”

Watch her describe her current habits here:

“At first it was about getting it out of the way, but now I enjoy it.”


“I can move! I can do a plank! I’m moving and not badgering myself for not moving.”

Before taking on these new habits, she would spend time reading things and gathering knowledge. The piece of the puzzle that was missing though, was the habit of implementing those things she learned. Exercise Bliss changed that for her.

“My husband sees it.”

Cathy is delighted that her husband of 30 years has supported her from the beginning of this journey. Of course, he loves her – and knows how important her health is. Despite his support, she admits her initial embarrassment about working out in front of him. She decided early in the program that she would not let that anxiety be an excuse to not exercise.

Consequently, she works out in front of him. Better yet, he encourages her and tells her when her form is good during the exercises. He is amazed with her transformation. She explains, “It’s a big win across the board for me.”

“No more self-doubt.”

Thanks to the program’s mind training component, Cathy has gone from an “all-or-nothing, blame yourself for everything” approach to a “gratitude-kindness-habits first” focus.

Exercise Bliss is only the beginning of the rest of your life

Here’s Cathy’s before-after image, when she was getting started (left) vs. 45 weeks after she first joined Exercise Bliss (right):
cathy start exercise when you hate exercise

Impressive right? This all happened because Exercise Bliss is the jumpstart of a healthier life.

While Cathy was implementing her new exercise habits, she adopted many other positive habits along the way. Prior to Exercise Bliss, she was too tired to brush her teeth or wash her face by the end of the day. As a result of discovering why she avoided those activities, she now anchors those two things into her nightly routine after she eats dinner and washes the dishes. “It’s not just about exercise, it’s things in my life!” She adds, “Because of Exercise Bliss, I’ll be able to implement my own plans.”

In addition, Cathy’s eating habits have changed for the best. Prior to Exercise Bliss, she would eat unhealthy foods. She now enjoys choosing healthier options.

Cathy decided at the 6-week point in the program that she would be a “lifer.” Since graduating from her 8-week program, she continues to do the exercises regularly and utilizes the support.


“Do Exercise Bliss! You have nothing to lose–except some bad habits.”

Cathy went from hating exercise to loving it. Her habits and life changed for the best. As she says, “At some point you have to decide, what are you worth?” She adds, “Do Exercise Bliss! You have nothing to lose–except some bad habits.”

If you’re ready to change your habits and finally make exercise an activity that you enjoy rather than one you dread, sign up below to get started!

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